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UPDATE: We've spoken with NIssan just in case, who has verified that car which should be pictured is the Altima Sedan.

Well, this could be just peachy. The Lede blog at the New York Times wrote yesterday that, thanks to global warming, America's breadbasket will soon be located in temperate Canada. Of course, the most important issue is how the coming climate change will affect crops grown for food across the world, but from a green car perspective, there are two obvious questions. One, how can we prevent this from happening. And, two, if we can't stop it, how does this shift affect all the crops we want to grow

The weekly New York Times Automobile section is always a good read, with articles written by people who clearly like cars, and topics that you just don't often find in the buff mags. Take this week's gem, a piece by Peggy Minnis on her daughter's search for a new vehicle. Now, you may be thinking that car shopping isn't exactly the most newsworthy topic, and for the most part, you're right. The Times piece has an angle, though.

Thomas Friedman recently disqualified himself for any future runs at heading up the General Motors fan club, but now he's going to host a new Discovery Times documentary called "Addicted to Oil". The topics that will be discussed during this documentary, such as the "true" price of gasoline (Friedman doesn't feel that the cost of securing oil or cleaning up the environment is reflected in what we pay at the pump) and the role of petrodollars in the War on Terror, are likely old hat for anyo

General Motors and Thomas "The Mustache of Wisdom" Friedman already went one round last week when the New York Time writer's strongly worded column triggered a rebuttal on GM's Fastlane Blog, but this particular maelstrom is too good to end there. The story now picks up at the General's FYI Blog, where we get to read about the automaker's trials and tribulations at getting a "letter to the editor" published in the Old Grey Lady.