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This didn't take long. Hot on the heels of NUMMI shutting its doors for good, reports are emerging that the plant's former workers aren't satisfied with their severance packages. Originally, employees were slated to see around $54,000 on average, depending on seniority. The newest workers were headed home with $21,000 in their pocket, while those who had put in the most years were walking away with closer to $68,000.

This morning saw the very last car roll off of the NUMMI assembly line. At 9:40 a.m., a red Toyota Corolla drove off under the watchful eyes of workers, white-collars and union leaders. Toyota and General Motors have been cranking out cars and trucks at the facility since 1984, but GM backed out of the partnership in June of last year as part of its restructuring program. Toyota announced it would be closing down operations soon after, and, true to its word, things shut down this morning.

Back in February, New United Motor Manufacturing Co. (NUMMI), the now defunct joint agreement between Toyota and General Motors in Fremont, CA, entered an agreement with California's Employment Training Panel that would provide training to 1,400 workers. Since the time of the agreement, GM has backed out of the partnership with Toyota and ceded the plant to the Japanese automaker. For its part, Toyota has announced it will close the plant by March 2010, leaving 4,700 workers unemployed.