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Big changes are afoot in the top ranks at BMW, as the Bavarian automaker has announced not just one, but several appointments in the top floors of its towering headquarters in Munich in what the company itself is referring as "a generational change" in its leadership.


The BMW i8 recently won the Autoblog Technology of the Year award, and it's going to get even better. In October, Automobile magazine reported that BMW's i brand is working on an i8S that would be stiffer and more powerful, and celebrate the marque's centenary in 2016. At the time, one of two power unit combinations was suggested, either one of them good for more than 500 horsepower.


BMW is planning a fairly extensive overhaul in a bid to recoup some its annual costs, with CEO Norbert Reithofer (pictured above) aiming to save three to four billion euro ($4 to $5.4 billion) per year to help keep the company's profit margins between eight and 10 percent, while also maintaining investments in production expansion and new tech. BMW's profit margins sat at 9.4 percent in 2013.


We know demand for the BMW i3 has been high, both in the US and Europe. It appears that BMW's crystal ball is showing a steady increase in interest between now and 2020. By that year, according to Norbert Reithofer, chairman of the board of management for BMW AG, the company expects to build 100,000 units a year. That's not quite as EVs many as Tesla is talking about for 2020 (500,000), but it would represent quite an increase from the roughly 20,000 units that the best-selling plug-in vehicles


An annual market study of the strongest brands across various industries has seen Toyota leapfrog BMW as the world's most valuable automotive brand. Toyota's 2013 brand value rose to $24.5 billion, up 12 percent versus 2012 numbers according to market research company Millward Brown's BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands list. BMW's value fell slightly; down by 2 percent to a total of $24 billion.


Honda once told Americans to "respect the van" in its effort to sell its Odyssey minivans. Now, BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer is telling his fellow Germans to "embrace the plug."


Volkswagen and former nemesis Greenpeace recently kumbaya'd to pledge to meet the European Union's strict 2020 emissions standards. Not everyone is feeling the love.


BMW has confirmed the long-anticipated X4 will bow next year. Norbert Reithofer, chairman of the automaker's board of management, made mention of the upcoming CUV during remarks at the company's annual accounts press conference. Reithofer said that BMW has sold more than 2.7 million X models since it began producing the machines, and that the company plans to expand those offerings with the new X4 next year. He declined to offer up any more details, though from what we've heard so far, the model

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While this is a time of retrenchment in electric vehicles (EVs) and alternative powertrains for automakers, BMW appears to be heading in the other direction, Automotive News enterprise editor Dave Guilford writes. Entrepreneurs are "flaming out" (figuratively and sometimes literally) and some major automakers are pushing EVs farther back on the product pipeline as excitement wanes among car shoppers.


If you are any other carmaker, this is really not what you want to hear on a Friday morning: The industry's 800-pound gorilla and one of its most profitable brands are joining forces. If you are an enthusiast (or environmentalist), however, the would-be products of this collaboration may have you cheering like a Miami Heat fan.

The Detroit Auto Show is coming up. After that, we go to the Chicago Auto Show. Then New York and maybe Geneva. We are going to hob-knob with most of the auto industry titans: CEOs, Design Chiefs, Product Development Bosses.

BMW Concept 5 Series Activehybrid – Click above for high-res image gallery

They're doing it again. Somebody out there has come up with yet another rendering of what the new electric Isetta from BMW might look like. In contrast to the other ones we've shown you, this looks more like the BMW of today rather than the Isetta of yesteryear. The fancy speculative drawing appeared on AUTOCAR.co.uk along with conjecture that the city car could be powered by a rear-mounted petrol (or possibly diesel) engine in addition to the battery model. It could even have a BMW motorcycle e

Of all the things that have hampered performance over the last two decades, vehicle weight is at the top of the list. Automakers have responded by putting more power under the hood to make up for the extra pounds, and BMW is as guilty as the rest – particularly with its M cars. The first (E30) M3 came packing a 2.3-liter four-pot and was able to put out an astonishing (at the time) 212 197 hp. When the E36 came along a few years later, the cylinder count increased by two and stayed that wa

As expected, the recently adjusted U.S. CAFE requirements have put pressure on automakers. Specifically brands focused on performance and luxury must do the most to change their impact on the environment. One company that falls into this category is BMW. Last September CEO Norbert Reithofer hinted that the possible creation of a forth brand to mesh with BMW, Rolls-Royce and MINI is in the company's longterm plans through 2020. However, no specific details were uncovered until recently. The Germa

Porsche's CEO may be threating to shutdown production of his vehicles in Europe if new mandatory CO2 emissions standards come into force, but BMW is ready to push ahead. In spite of their reputation as a builder of performance cars, BMW already sells more than forty percent of their vehicles with diesel engines. The BMW M models get all the attention, but most of the volume cars even with gas engines are equipped with smaller four and six cylinder power-plants.

We knew that BMW chairman Helmut Panke would go "buh-bye" after his contract expires in 2007 due to BMW's policy to boot any leader over the age of 60, but we weren't sure who would take the helm. BMW has announced that the man for the job is Norbert Reithofer, who has been production manager since 2000. The 50 year-old German has been with BMW since 1987.