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First Drive: Rossion Q1 is a supercar for the slightly rich

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Noble reborn as Rossion Q1 in the U.S.

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Alcantara covering more domestics next year

Apparently swathing the dash of a Ferrari or the headliner of a Noble wasn't enough for the sellers of Alcantara leather around the world. The suede-like leather product that has until now been reserved for exotics and upper end cars is going to be find its way into Chryslers, Cadillacs and even Mercury Mariners. As Dave from Kicking Tires notes, the grippy material probably won't seem out of place in the Chrysler SRT models or Cadillac's V series, but the Mariner seems a stretch.

Noble saved from the brink

Having recently driven a Noble M400 along California's breathtaking Palms to Pines Highway, we know what a fantastic sports car it is. With performance rivaling any Ferrari, Porsche or Lotus we've driven, the car is more than capable of competing head-to-head with the world's finest. If customers are able to get them, that is. The one strike against Noble is that the company doesn't have the heritage of these other marks and perhaps doesn't instill the same confidence of the more established mak

Noble M15 official pics and details

Noble’s new, more mature supercar, the M15, has officially debuted in Europe and WorldCarFans has all the official pics and press release up. Turns out the super coupe looks a little different than the pic we lifted from Top Gear yesterday. It looks to be one mean mama-jama that improves on its predec

Noble announced new M15 supercar

As one who has ridden shotgun in a Noble M12 around Mid-Ohio Raceway, I can tell you this brand knows how to bake white-knuckle, on-the-edge driving dynamics into every car it produces. According to Top Gear, the new Noble M15 that just debuted across the pond will take Noble’s recipe for fun to a new level. Featuring the same twin-turbo, 3.0L V6 producing 455 bhp that debuted in the M14 concept last year, the M15 might be crow