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Remote-controlled exhaust valves now available for the Nissan 370Z [w/video]

Cobra Technology and Lifestyle dual-mode exhaust – Click above to watch video after the jump

Enuff Z'Nuff: Pointy-teeth'd European Nissan 350Z dragster hits 60 mph in 1.2 seconds

Project Zed Nissan 350Z dragster - Click above for high-res image gallery

Nissan says next 370Z to compete with Porsche

When Nissan launched the 350Z in '02, it was working hard to reinvent itself and the new Z was clearly its halo car in the U.S. market. Now that that the revival has come and gone, expect the new 370Z to take on a new tack as a harder edged vehicle. In fact, Nissan plans to take on Porsche, the most classic of all sportscar manufacturers, with its newest coupe. Equipped with a larger 335-hp 3.7-liter V6 engine and having gone on a serious diet, possibly shedding as much as 200 lbs, the new Z wil

Spy Shots: Nissan's affordable RWD sports car

Last week we told you about Nissan's plan to revise the 350Z and add a new, smaller RWD sports coupe to its lineup. All of a sudden, pics of that smaller sports coupe have appeared today on the interweb. Winding Road has a few clear shots of an oddly shaped 350Z-based mule tagging along behind a Porsche Boxste

Rumor Mill: New Supra details emerge

UPDATE: Ed Hellwig from the Straighline Blog totally

Revised 2008 EPA mileage numbers may cause more vehicles to qualify as "gas guzzlers"

You remember when we let you in on the news that for 2008 the EPA was revising their testing procedures to more accurately reflect the type of gas mileage that consumers are likely to get on their own, right? This change leads the numbers that a car is pegged with by the EPA to go down, which is probably a good thing, as the new numbers are most likely more accurate. And, now for

2007 350Z Pricing Announced

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