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Click above to view high-res gallery of the 2009 Nissan Maxima

Just over a month before we get to see the 2009 Nissan Maxima for real at the New York Auto Show, the first spy shots of the new sedan have popped up on the net. According to a Nissan spokesman we talked to at the Chicago Auto Show, the new Maxima will be returning to a sportier flavor more akin to the "four door sports car" tag-line it used to carry. More importantly, the new top Nissan will also be the first platform for Nissan's first U.S.-market diesel. The 3.0L V-6 being developed by Nissan

While some of Nissan's green moves include forays into diesel technology (see these posts on the Titan and the Forum concept), the company is also working on a foolproof way to increase MPGs: reducing weight. According to a story in DowJones, Nissan is working to slash the average weight of its vehicles by 15 percent (compared to 2005 model year numbers) over the next seven years. The cuts will come "by rethinking vehicle design, using light weight materials and encouraging parts suppliers to al

It looks the new 3.0L V-6 clean diesel that Nissan is working up with corporate partner Renault for 2010 will find it's way into a wide variety of vehicles from the company, including the upscale Infiniti brand. Back in mid-August Nissan filed several new trademarks including EX30D, G30D, FX30D, and M30D. These names all fit Infiniti's standard nomenclature with a 3.0L engine and the D designating a diesel. The attractive G30D would be a particularly appealing combination in the mid-sized sport