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Lord Mandelson, the British Business Secretary visited a Nissan factory in Sunderland on Friday and got to see the Qazana crossover concept which will go into production there next year. Nissan is also expected to add production of electric vehicles at the plant and get some UK government money to make that happen. In addition to building EVs, Mandelson is urging Nissan to produce lithium ion batteries in the UK as well. Nissan has a joint venture with NEC called Automotive Energy Supply Corp wh

Nissan admits that it has fallen behind when it comes to eco-friendly automobile technology, and it's working hard at rectifying that situation. With all of Nissan's ambitious plans for electric and hybrid vehicles in the coming years, it is going to need lots and lots of batteries, lithium ion batteries in specific. To that end, the NEC and Nissan joint venture will be opening a new plant for the mass production of its batteries. Initial output is expected to be roughly 13,000 units per year, b

Nissan and NEC created a join-venture not long ago to produce lithium ion batteries specifically designed for use in hybrid and electric cars.