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Nissan and AeroVironment show off prototype $2,200 Leaf home charger

Nissan's partner to make home-charging for electric vehicles (EVs) a reality is AeroVironment (AV), a leading producer of EV charging units. The partnership is putting the finishing touches on a Nissan-branded home charging unit marketed at buyers of the Leaf all-electric car, but the charger is not model-

Report: Nissan Qazana and Nuvu could join EV lineup

Nissan Qazana Concept - click above for a high-res image gallery

Nissan looking at UK, Portugal for two new battery plants

Nissan EV-02 - Click above for high-res image gallery

Renault-Nissan goes to Singapore with newest electric car partnership

Nissan EV-02 prototype - click above for a high res gallery

Nissan to demo EV Cube at Kanagawa Electric Vehicle (EV) Festa 2009

Nissan will be showing off the second-generation version of its electric Cube this weekend at the Kanagawa EV Festa 2009. Nissan showed a concept called the Denki Cube at last year's New York Auto Show and then showed the EV-02 (right) later in the year. The festival this weekend will be the first time that Nissan offers public rides in the prototype EV.

Popular Mechanics takes a spin in Nissan's EV-02 prototype

Nissan unveiled the latest edition of prototype electric Cube a few days ago as part of an advanced technology forum in Japan. Unfortunately ABG didn't get an invite to this event. Popular Mechanics however did have someone on hand and he got to sample the EV-02. The Cube stores electrical energy in a lithium ion battery pack, but Nissan officials told PM that the battery chemistry has not been settled yet. Nissan is apparently still testing at least 16 different battery chemistries trying to fi