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Nissan had to re-edit this commercial two times to placate Aussie ad watchdog [w/poll]

Nissan recently aired a commercial in Australia for its Pulsar SSS hatchback – think of it as a five-door relative of our Sentra – in which a couple is seen hastily making their way to the hospital ahead of giving birth. But the ad you can watch now isn't the same ad that aired originally – in fact, Nissan had to re-edit the commercial twice before the Australian Advertising Stan

Nissan Leaf serenaded by singing sockets for first birthday

The Nissan Leaf is one year old, and who's there on the happy day to sing its anniversary? Electrical sockets, that's who. More than 20,000 of the little electric buggers have been sold, racking up "more than 32 million gas free miles," according to Nissan

Nissan takes a shot at other automakers hit by Japan quake [w/poll]

The March 11 earthquakes in Japan took a huge toll on all of Japan's automakers. And while some companies, like Nissan, are recovering quicker than others, it's not exactly something to brag about. Or is it?

Nissan Brazil asks if you have damned ponies under your hood

The advertising world is a scary and confusing place – even when the message in question is in your language. Dive into the murky depths of foreign commercials, and our eyes go glassy quicker than you can say, "Não entendo." Take what looks to be an official Brazilian ad for Nissan trucks in the video after the jump. In it, some hap

Video: Michael Vick hawks for Nissan dealership, skirts shame

Michael Vick's Woodbury Nissan commercial – Click above to watch the video after the jump

Strictly Commercial: Nissan NV website comes online

Nissan NV commercial vans – Click above for high-res image gallery

Nissan unveils NV commercial van, available in three different flavors

Nissan NV commercial vans – Click above for high-res image gallery

Nissan set to attack small commercial segment

Small business owners in the United States are about to get a fresh set of choices for hauling their wares through busy urban areas. Ford has already announced its Transit Connect van, which uses a front-wheel drive layout and a very tall roof to allow for plenty of storage capability in a relatively small package. A new competitor to the Blue Oval has emerged in Nissan, which also plans to attack this s

Nissan to release range of commercial vehicles in U.S. in 2010

Click above for high-res shots of the Nissan NV200 concept