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There's one feature on the Nissan Leaf that hasn't gotten a lot of press, but when new owner Olivier Chalouhi posted about it on My Nissan Leaf, the gathered eco-auto geeks got pretty excited. The feature? CARWINGS. No, it's not an add-on bit of body work for achieving flight, but rather a telematics system that keeps track of and displays all kinds of information. A version of the system has been available in some Nissans in Japan for years but its implementation in their first mass produced el

The first Nissan Leaf destined for a customer's driveway will be delivered today in California. If you can't be there, you can participate digitally by tuning in to the Nissan Leaf page on Facebook at 1:30 p.m. PST (4:30 EST) today and watch the press conference live from San Francisco. Twitter fans can also get updates from @NissanLEAF and the hashtag #firstLEAF. By the looks of things, the owner has arrived and has checked out the car already.

How do you teach children that electric cars are fun to use and good to drive? By explaining that they work pretty much just like any other car except that you "refuel" at home. That's what Nissan has done with its "An Electric Vehicle In Our Home" sub-site, which features a cartoon family, backed by annoyingly peppy music, enjoying their new electric car (a Leaf, natch).

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BP CEO Tony Hayward isn't exactly the most popular businessman in the world these days. Socially tone-deaf, he's going to be remembered (rightly) for his callous "I want my life back" statement that came while his company's oil was ruining the lives of people living along the Gulf of Mexico. He has announced he will leave BP and, in two weeks, will be gone.

Making of Nissan Leaf "Polar Bear" spot – Click above to watch video after the jump

Nissan Leaf "Polar Bear" spot – Click above to watch video after the jump

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For years, Paul Scott has been promoting electric vehicles (EVs) as a co-founder of Plug-In America, but he'll soon be promoting one EV a bit more than others in his new job as a Nissan Leaf salesman. Yes, after a private lunch with Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn in June and discussions with his local Nissan dealership (Santa Monica Nissan) through the summer, Paul will soon be the go-to guy for anyone who is interested in buying a Leaf in the area. It's sort of poetic that, after years trying to convi

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