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Peugeot to use Sanyo NiMH batteries in upcoming diesel hybrid

Peugeot 3008 - Click above for high-res image gallery

REPORT: Toyota secretly tested lithium-ion Priuses for three years

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What are some advanced battery basics for beginners?

Electric cars have been with us since the very beginning of the automobile age and from that time until now, its most important component has been the battery. It stores energy chemically until it is needed to create the electricity that powers a vehicle's motor. There have been different types of batte

Ford: don't get too excited about the Fusion hybrid, we may not have enough batteries

While understandably excited about the 41 mpg highway city rating the new Fusion hybrid recently achieved, Ford is already throwing a wet blanket on the sales potential of the car, which will go on sale in Spring 2009. According to HybridCars, Ford Americas President Mark

Cobasys providing NiMH batteries for Saturn Aura hybrid

Cobasys, a corporate cousin of Energy Conversion Devices has been awarded the contract to supply batteries to General Motors for the new Saturn Aura Green Line hybrid. Cobasys is a joint venture between ECD and Chevron Technology Ventures. The battery for the Aura is a nickel metal hydride unit that Cobasys sells under their NiMHax brand. This battery will be a 36V unit that is integrated with control electronics and liquid coolin