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Nikola Badger pre-orders open today, and the FCEV pickup comes with a water fountain

Tech firm opens pre-orders for NZT side-by-side and WAV electric jet ski

Tesla's stock price closes over $1,000 a share

Musk pipes up with Semi memo after Nikola's stock price doubles

Iveco and Nikola unveil Tre semi truck in electric and hydrogen forms

'We'll be sold out for many years'

CNH Industrial's truck unit Iveco on Tuesday unveiled its first electric vehicle, the Nikola Tre, built in partnership with U.S. startup Nikola Motor Co.. The heavy truck will be built for the European market under a deal announced by the two groups in September and is expected to give a boost to Iveco, which as the smallest of Europe's traditional truck makers competes with the might of Volkswagen , Daimler and Volvo Group. "Just three months after we signed our partnership we have

Nikola will unveil electric versions of two semi trucks in April

It's going beyond hydrogen-electric hybrids

It's going beyond hydrogen-electric hybrids.

Nikola Tre is a hydrogen semi for Europe

Nikola has announced a third fuel-cell semi

Nikola has announced a third fuel-cell semi

Anheuser-Busch orders up to 800 Nikola hydrogen-fueled big rigs

Range of 500-1,200 miles and about 20 minutes to re-fuel

Budweiser beer maker Anheuser-Busch said on Thursday it reserved up to 800 hydrogen-fueled semi-trucks from Nikola Motor Company as part of plans to convert its dedicated long-haul fleet to renewable powered trucks by 2025. ​​​​

Nikola Motor sues Tesla, mentions staggering dollar amount

Says Tesla violates several of its patents for hydrogen-electric semi

Nikola Motor Co, which makes hydrogen-powered semi trucks, filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against electric automaker Tesla alleging design patent infringements.

Bosch partners with Nikola on hydrogen electric long-haul truck

Two models with a range of between 800 miles to 1,200 miles.

Two models with a range of between 800 miles to 1,200 miles.

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Nikola One Zero-Emission Semi Truck Unveiled | Autoblog Minute

Nikola Motor Company unveiled the zero-emission semi truck. Delivery of the first trucks expected in 2020.

Nikola One hydrogen-powered semi is tall, different and zero-emission

Nikola CEO: 'This truck will come to market, I promise you that.'

The real test will come down the road.

Nikola One hydrogen-electric semi truck teased before tonight's unveiling

Here's a bit of the front end.

Want to see more? You'll have to wait.

Nikola Zero electric UTV arrives with a $37,500 price tag

You can buy an off-road fun buggy or, well, a Chevy Bolt for the same price.

Nikola Motors ditches battery-powered semi, looks to hydrogen

It's sort of like a magic trick. Now you see it, now you don't.

Say what, now?

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Nikola Gets $2.3B In Preorders For Electric Semi | Autoblog Minute

Nikola Motors, the Tesla of the trucking world, claims $2.3 billion dollars in pre-orders for its plug-in semi. The Nikola One is a near zero-emissions semi truck that utilizes a natural gas-electric hybrid system.

Nikola Motors steals Tesla's first name, wants to build clean semis

An all-electric UTC called the Nikola Zero is also in the works.

Nikola Motors debuted today with a lot of promises about two new plug in vehicles, the Nikola One semi-truck and the Nikola Zero UTV.