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Dung beetles in cow pies helping Toyota create night vision systems? [w/video]

Dung Beetles and your driving will soon have something in common – Click above to watch video

CES 2009 Preview: FLIR helps BMWs detect pedestrians

FLIR, the maker of BMW's night-vision system, will be at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week showing off its PathFindIR thermal imaging camera. The compa

Toyota introduces Night View on Japanese Crown Hybrid

Click above to view more images of Toyota's Night View technology

Toyota Crown hybrid gets Night View, spots pedestrians

Click above for more shots of Toyota's Night View

Super seeing speculation! Porsche developing night vision system?

The Deutsch-obsessed purveyors of the German Car Scene got a tip that Porsche is in the process of developing a night vision system, ala the Merc S-class, that will likely debut when the 997 undergoes a facelift sometime in 2007.