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BMW F1 drivers split on KERS use in Australian GP

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VIDEO: Nick Heidfeld breaks BMW Sauber F1 car while showing off

Not that BMW's Sauber F1 car has anything more than three letters in common with cars that bear the propeller logo on public streets, but who's going to argue with the opportunity to lay down the tools early? Hotshoe Nick Heidfeld recently treated a crowd of laborer's at BMW's Munich factory to the spectacle of a big-dollar race car being treated like a hand-me-down Reliant, complete with a body-damaging finale. The shriek of a high-strung F1 racer while it slides around doing lurid donuts is a

Nick Heidfeld tackles the Nordschleife in a BMW F1.06

UPDATE: Video of the event can be found after the jump.