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EPA looks into negative environmental, health effects of li-ion EV batteries

Hybrid and plug-in vehicle drivers overly satisfied with what they think is their great effect on the environment may want to get a look at a recent and quite long report released by the US Environmental Protection Agency (written by Abt Associates) about the overall effects of lithium-ion battery production and use.

Chinese researchers develop nickel catalyst fuel cell

Hydrogen fuel cells have a lot to recommend them. Fuel cells consume air and hydrogen and produce nothing but water and electricity. They provide a mechanism to get an electric vehicle with the type of range that drivers have come to expect along with the rapid re-fueling they are used too. Unfortunately, they have some serious drawbacks, namely the problem of distributing and storing the hydrogen as well as the high cost of the fuel cells themselves. A major factor in the cost is the need for p

Will nickel-based batteries harm hybrid resale prices?

In pretty much all of the past markets where nickel-based batteries were replaced by lithium-based batteries, the resale value of the nickel-based models takes a sharp nosedive when the lithium models hit the market. Will this same thing happen with hybrid automobiles equipped with the older battery technology? It's hard to say, considering that power tools and laptops are so different than cars, but it may be a cause for concern if some car makers continue pressing on with nickel technology whi

Ford turns to Henkel for green coatings

The paint shop is one of the least environmentally friendly divisions of any auto production plant. Work is being done however to reduce the impact of the painting process in producing new vehicles such as the announcement by Ford that they will partner with Henkel Corporation to produce the automotive industry's first producti