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The biggest shopping center in all of Europe opens today in London and one of the 265 retail spaces will belong to the NICE Car Company. If you happen to make it to the Westfield Shopping Center at Shepards Bush you can check out the Mega City and the MyCar (above) at their stand located on the ground floor by the Wood Lane tube entrance. You can even book a test drive in one of the all-electrics if you so desire. NICE co-founder Julian Wilford is, expectedly, pretty happy about the expansion wh

Residents of Radnor Park in Clydebank, Scotland have a new transportation alternative in the form of three new cars to share amongst themselves. And although the car-sharing arrangement does require them to pay a fee of £5 for a day's worth of car time, they won't need to worry about paying for petrol or polluting their fair city since the vehicles in question are all-electric Mega Citys. What about the "long tailpipe" that's potentially leads back to a coal-fired power plant? Not to worry

The London-based NICE (No Internal Combustion Engine) car company has issued a statement going full-throttle at the big automakers. The statement says that customers will have to "expect a long wait if they think that mainstream manufacturers" are going to start selling electric cars any soon. "It's easy to get caught up in talk of an electric car revolution," said NICE co-founder Evert Geurtsen. "However, we'd be very surprised if many of the all-electric sports cars, and other models that have

The freshly unveiled all-electric Lightning GT we showed you yesterday is certainly garnering a lot of attention and video tape at this years British International Motor Show. We received a message from British electric-car vlogger, Danny, telling us he had footage of the hi-tech silver beauty having its shroud publicly removed. We rushed to watch it and happily discovered he also had his own mini Q & A session with Lightning Car Company representative, Chris Dell. We got to hear some very i

We've discussed these electric cars before but now Whatcar? has gathered the NICE Mega City, the Smart ed, the Micro-Vett Fiat Doblo, and the Reva G-Wiz together for a group evaluation on the streets of London town to "...decide whether or not they do make a practical alternative to urban transport.". The first thing they discovered about the cars as they prepared for the initial shoot is that people are now extremely interested in electric vehicles as the quartet attracted "masses" of people wi

The NICE (No Internal Combustion Engine) car company unveiled the MEGA City electric car this week at the British Motor Show.