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Banksy's Latest Art Project Goes On The Road

Latest New York City project of British artist depicts animals en route to slaughterhouse

This might look like a remake of The Muppets Take Manhattan. In this case, British artist Bansky sends his animals to the slaughterhouse.

Fleeing SUV Smashes Through Gang Of Motorcyclists

Police are investigating what started confrontation in Manhattan

After a fender bender, a group of motorcyclists surrounded an SUV on a New York City street. Then the Range Rover accelerated through the crowd.

DMV Employees Accused Of Selling Answers To Test Takers

Applicants looking for a commercial driver's license paid for answers

Employees at the New York Department of Motor Vehicles were caught accepting bribes in exchange for answers and surrogate test takers, according to police.

Lamborghini Aventador Crashes, Breaks In Half In New York

CCTV cameras captured the violent collision

Two CCTV cameras caught this wild accident between a Lamborghini Aventador and a sedan in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Mill Basin.

E-ZPasses Track Vehicles In NY Even Off Toll Roads

New Yorkers may not realize they are being tracked

New York's E-ZPass uses a radio-frequency identification sensor, or RFID tag, which allows residents of the Big Apple to pay road tolls electronically. But most drivers don't know that the state is using the passes to gather data far from toll booths, according to an article in Forbes.

Enraged Driver Steers Wrong Way Down Highway

He was trying to keep up with a driver, on the other side of the highway, who'd cut him off

An angry driver was caught on camera as he drove eastbound down the westbound lane in a fit of road rage.

New York Cracks Down On Texting While Driving

New SUVs make it easier for police to catch distracted drivers

New York State, like 39 states other states that have banned texting while driving, has issued very few tickets in relation to the problem. Gov. Andre Cuomo has expanded measures aimed at distracted driving to bring enforcement in line with the problem.

Mother Saves Baby After Stroller Crushed By Runaway Cab

Mother and child sustained minor injuries

A parent's worst nightmare: Alondra Gervacio was getting off the bus when an out of control cab sideswiped her baby's stroller. Witnesses say her quick thinking likely saved her baby's life.

Legal Parking Spaces Turn Illegal With Sign Change

Drivers ticketed 25 minutes after parking space becomes bike-share zone

In what has to be one of the lowest moves in parking-enforcement history, New York City ticketed half a dozen cars that had been legally parked only moments before. The difference? The city changed the signs out from under drivers.

Long Island Mom Helped Kids Shoot Car Windows, Police Say

At least 60 cars were damaged in multiple New York neighborhoods

A Long Island woman described by neighbors as an "all-American" mom helped her two children and another teen plan a vandalism spree across three communities in recent weeks, police say.

New York Police Find Clever New Way To Deter Car Theft

Residents receiving pictures of valuables left in plain sight

Motorists have heard these warnings countless times: Don't tempt thieves. Don't leave valuables in your car. Yet such common-sense advice is often ignored.

How Thieves Are Targeting Drivers In New York City

Crooks tell drivers they have a flat tire, then steal from car

Ever had a passer-by flag you down and alert you to a soft tire on your car? You probably thanked the person and checked out your wheels.

In New York, A Push For Electric Cars Meets A Tepid Response

Sluggish demand for EVs leaves future up in air, analysts say

New York City Plow Driver Scrapes Away More Than Snow

Residents say snow plow damaged their street-parked cars

A New York City plow scraped away more than snow early Tuesday morning, Bronx residents say.

Why Dozens Of Tow-Truck Operators Hauled Away Legally Parked Cars

Dozens of firms ran scam; now corrupt truckers target Sandy victims

Tow-truck operators in New York City have been towing away legally parked cars and scamming owners out of cash, according to the New York Post.

8-Year-Old Swipes Mom's Car Keys And Gets In Car Accident

Mom awoke to find her boy and car missing, feared the worst

A mother in upstate New York awoke to find her 8-year-old son and her car missing. Panicked and thinking he had been kidnapped, she dialed 911.

Man Holds Funeral For A Beloved 1982 Honda Civic

Resilient car had become local legend in one New York City neighborhood

The 1982 Honda Civic had been overturned in riots and had its four tires stolen. It sustained major damage during an accident. It logged more than 170,000 miles on its odometer and became a neighborhood fixture.

Frantic Man Calls 911 While Being Dragged By Pickup Truck

'I can’t hold on much longer. He’s killing me,' victim tells dispatcher

A 45-year-old man in upstate New York placed a frantic 911 call Sunday as he hung from the back of a moving pickup truck.

Is Your ZIP Code Costing You Thousands Of Dollars?

Car insurance rates heavily affected by where you live

Consumers shopping for car insurance often overlook one key factor that greatly influences their insurance rates, according to Business Insider.

New York City Parking Space On Sale For $1 Million

Experts debate: Opulent or ostentatious?

The most expensive parking space in New York City history is now for sale. The $1 million price tag for the 23-foot-by-12-foot slab of space on East 11th Street has already provoked a wave of reactions from experts.

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