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It appears that a sizable chunk of the 32.7 million electric vehicles predicted to be roaming the streets in that report we told you about will be built by Aptera. 100,000 of them to be exact. That is, if the company's ambitious goals are reached. In their latest newsletter, the number was slipped in alongside mention of 1,500 jobs they plan on creating in that same time span. With a pool of customers over 4,000 deep, months before the first one hits the road, and a 4-wheeled sedan on the way as

The latest newsletter from Aptera has arrived and we can now inform you of their most recent interesting updates. As expected, the company is about to begin the process of moving much of their current crowded facility to their new, close-by Vista, CA location. The new shop will contain some offices, the R&D lab and, of course, space to begin series production of the all-new Mk-1. I say "all-new" because, as you may have noticed in the above renderings, there have been some "refinements" made

Aptera chief Steve Fambro, in his company's latest newsletter, tells us they are building "lots of cars". Hooray! And then crushing them. Oh noes! We know this has been done to electric cars by the likes of GM and Toyota before and now Aptera admits it has joined the pulverizing parade. Have they gone to the dark side? Well, no. It's all being done in the name of increasing safety. You see, despite not having to crash test their three-wheeled Typ-1 (because it is defined as a motorcycle by the o

If you have been to the Aptera website in the past and signed up for their newsletter you will have probably received a nice e-mail message from them yesterday addressed to "Aptera Family" that had some great news and even featured a few videos. If you didn't, don't worry. I'll not only give you the skinny on what you missed, but after the jump you can watch the brand new video (we've already shown you the others) which is a guided tour of the Aptera Typ-1. But wait there's more, because I'm a n

Long-term, the automotive propulsion future belongs to either pure electric cars or hydrogen-powered vehicles. On this, most of us can agree. How and when and all sorts of other nit-picky details will take about as long to work as it does for Apple to release this dang SDK for the iPhone. One important step along the way will be the rollout of a smart grid, an enhanced version of the current power grid where our houses and cars can talk to the grid in various ways.