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'There was a guy in there': Wanted man found in car trunk at auto auction

Nobody ever talks much about the trunk space in a Hellcat, do they ...

Nobody ever talks much about the trunk space in a Hellcat, do they ...

F1 eyes may have been opened to IndyCar's challenges after McLaren flop

The Europeans stooped to conquer, and fell flat on their faces

The Europeans stooped to conquer, and fell flat on their faces.

Stolen RV shredded as woman leads police on chase through Los Angeles

People injured, dogs imperiled, cars and tree struck

People injured, dogs imperiled, cars and tree struck.

Florida woman pulls gator from pants during traffic stop

Yoga pants, to be precise

Yoga pants, to be precise.

Takata airbag inflators claim another life

Driver of a 2002 Honda Civic dies in Arizona crash

Another driver has been killed by an exploding Takata airbag inflator, bringing the worldwide death toll to at least 24. The latest death occurred three days after a crash on June 8, 2018, in the Phoenix suburb of Buckeye, Arizona, according to a statement released Friday by Honda, which made the car involved in the crash. The driver, who was not identified, was hit by shrapnel from the airbag when a 2002 Honda Civic crashed at an intersection at 8:33 p.m., a Honda spokesman s

Alonso tests with Dakar Rally-winning Toyota truck

How about that, championship Hilux takes a beating better than an F1 car

Alfa Romeo recalls 60,000 Giulia, Stelvio models

Cruise control can go haywire

Cruise control can go haywire.

Wisconsin man faces at least his 10th drunken driving charge

Troopers say he had a valid driver's license

Troopers say he had a valid driver's license.

F1's Marcus Ericsson moving to IndyCar, joins Robert Wickens' team

Schmidt Peterson will keep a car ready for paralyzed driver's return

Schmidt Peterson will keep a car ready for paralyzed driver's return

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Starship Technologies Delivery Robot | Autoblog Minute

Starship Technologies aims to disrupt delivery methods in 2017, using a new autonomous robot.

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2017 Chevy Cruze Hatchback | Autoblog Minute

The 2017 Chevy Cruze Hatchback has made it to America!

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Navdy - Heads Up Display | Autoblog Minute

Navdy is the new Dash-mountable heads-up display.

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Wearable airbag for cyclists | Autoblog Minute

Hovding is a Swedish-made wearable airbag for cyclists.

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Dramatic Video Shows Wildfire Evacuation From Fort McMurray Canada | Autoblog Minute

Twitter video shot during evacuation of Fort McMurray shows hellish scene amidst Northern Canadian wildfires.

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Audi Debuted Its TT RS At The Beijing Motor Show | Autoblog Minute

Audi revealed its 400 HP 2017 TT RS at the Beijing Motor Show this week. We got looks at both the coupe and convertible. The TT RS will have a 5-cylinder engine, Audi Quattro, and can reach 62 MPH in as little as 3.7 seconds.

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Racing Fuel, Soda Mix Suspected in Teens' Deaths | Autoblog Minute

Two Tennessee teen's deaths are being linked to a cocktail they made with soda and racing fuel.

Knife-wielding man rides hood of car through 7 towns

When a jealous boyfriend came at him with a knife, Dwayne Harvard drove off with the assailant on the hood, through seven successive communities. Now the driver's facing criminal charges.

Man accused of buying auto insurance from scene of car wreck

Authorities say a Pennsylvania man called an insurance company from a crash scene to buy auto coverage and later claimed his wreck happened after he got the policy.

Neiman Marcus Christmas Book McLaren special editions sell out in two hours

Apparently, despite the global economic downturn, some people out there still have large sums of disposable income. We know this because Neiman Marcus sold through a dozen special edition McLaren 12C Spiders in less than two hours Wednesday. At $354,000 each, this s

Reva NXR could compete with Leaf in India, then launch globally

Mahindra Reva, an electric vehicle company based in India, is rolling out an all-new version of its Reva NXR, this one capable of seating four adults comfortably in the small car, compared to the previous version that seated two.