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Surprising Vanity License Plates Approved And Banned By DMV

Contradicting standards confuse motorists

The Department of Motor Vehicles decides vanity plates on a case by case basis, leaving many drivers confused by contradicting standards.

Man's GPS Jammer Causes Problems At Newark Airport

Gary Bojczak used the jammer intending to hide his whereabouts from his employer

A New Jersey man trying to hide his whereabouts from his employer inadvertently interfered with operations at Newark Liberty International Airport.

The Most And Least Expensive States For Car Repair

Fixing your car in New Jersey is more expensive than anywhere else

There are plenty of merits to living on the East Coast. Nice beaches, great cities, good food. But when it comes to car repairs, you're better off being almost anywhere else in the country.

Police Find Gun Arsenal Following Routine Traffic Stop

Hollow-point bullets, cocaine and weapons found in car by New Jersey police

Police pulled over a 2007 Scion driving along the Garden State Parkway on Tuesday because the driver was not wearing his seat belt.

Did A Badly Written Law Cause This Crash Between Two Buses?

New Jersey DOT officials have yet to comment

Did a badly written law contribute to a collision between two buses on a New Jersey road last month? Police investigating the dramatic crash in the video above believe so.

Driverless Car Stuck In Endless Circle

Ford Thunderbird Circled On Its Own Until Fire Marshall Intervened

The driver of this Ford Thunderbird made a critical mistake when he pulled to the side of a road with the intent of switch seats with a passenger. He left the car in reverse.

Sandy May Have Damaged Fewer Cars Than Initially Feared

Early Estimates Predicted Hundreds Of Thousands Of Vehicles Were Lost

In the days since Superstorm Sandy, an alarming prediction has flashed across the Internet: Hundreds of thousands of flood-damaged vehicles will inundate the nation's used-car market, and buyers might not be told which cars have been marred.

New Jersey Law May Mandate Doggy Seat Belts

Violators could face animal cruelty charges, according to proposal

New Jersey lawmakers sure are spending considerable time thinking about drivers and driving. Earlier this year, a state senator proposed a bill to fine slow drivers. Lawmakers also argued over whether to affix a red sticker on the license plates of younger drivers. Only last week, the state enacted a ban on smiling in driver's license photos.

Red Sticker On License Plates OK'd For Young Drivers In New Jersey

State Supreme Court ruling could lead other states to enact similar law

Young drivers in New Jersey will continue to affix small red decal to the upper left-hand corners of their license plates. On Monday, the state's Supreme Court unanimously upheld a law that requires drivers under age 21 who hold permits or probationary licenses to display them.

Charges Filed Today Against New Jersey Troopers Who Led Luxury Car 'Death Race'

Officer at crux of case resigned Thursday, could lose pension

Ever been frustrated to be stuck in traffic? Ever want to go 100 mph on a road like Route 80 or the the New Jersey Turnpike or Garden State Parkway? After all, if you have a super car like a Lamborghini or Ferrari that can easily go 140 mph, you want to air the car out one in a while without worry over speeding tickets.

Is This Guy The Worst Driver On The Road Today?

Police frustrated they can't keep alleged repeat DUI offender behind bars

Five weeks, five arrests on drunk-driving charges. That rap sheet belongs to Anderson Sotomayor, 45, of Vineland, New Jersey. The latest arrest came Wednesday, one day after city officials expressed frustration with their continued inability to lock him away.

New Jersey To Slow Drivers: Get Out Of The Way Or Prepare To Pay

Proposed Bill Toughens Penalty For Left-Lane Cloggers

Get moving or get out of the way. That's the message a New Jersey lawmaker wants to send slowpokes who block the flow of faster traffic in the left lanes of the state's highways and aggravate their fellow motorists.

Report: Red license decals for teens has NJ motorists up in arms

Teenagers in New Jersey feel even more singled out than their standard egocentrism engenders. New drivers in the state are required to purchase red decals for their license plates, letting other motorists and law enforcement know who's behind the wheel. Critics of the law say it also puts a big target on the car for anyone intending to do harm to young people. The stickers making easy prey for sex offenders is a big factor in the movement against the legislation.

Ecclestone reportedly working on bringing U.S. Grand Prix to New York

While the New York Auto Show is under way at the Javitz Center, on the opposite side of the globe the Big Apple came up in an entirely different context. Speaking with Italy's sports journal La Gazzetta dello Sport during this past weekend's Australian Grand Prix, Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone revealed that n

New Jersey drivers under 21 required to affix red sticker to cars *UPDATE

Should other drivers be aware that the vehicle they're tailing is piloted by someone under the age of 21? New Jersey thinks so and has become the first state to enact a law requiring drivers under 21 to affix a red sticker to both their front and rear license plates.

MADD angry at Flying Fish brewery for naming beers after NJ freeway exits?

It is acceptable to name your alcoholic beverage after a moving vehicle so long as a car isn't the vehicle in question; e.g. Night Train Express wine and Warbird beer (How about Thunderbird? - Ed). In fact, it's frowned upon to give alcohol a name that can even be associated with cars. New Jersey craft brewer Flying Fish has attracted the attention of MADD, the NJ Turnpike Authority (NJTA), and the press for breaking the taboo with its line of beers named after exits on the New Jersey T

New Jersey bill aims to ban driver's use of GPS while driving

Satellite navigation systems - click above for high-res image gallery

New Jersey parking garages to get solar power

Apparently, California ranks as the nation's largest state when it comes to solar installations, but, rather surprisingly, New Jersey takes the second spot away from such sun-rich states as those situated in the southwestern part of the country and also ranks in the top ten worldwide. The state currently has over 2,500 installations and will soon be adding two