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2010 Volkswagen New Beetle Final Edition - Click above for high-res image gallery

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3rd verse, same as the first. Not entirely, of course, but when the subject is the Volkswagen New Beetle, the looks of the car are largely a foregone conclusion. Just like the current New Beetle evokes the original Type 1 with its roundy-round fat-fenderedness, the next version, expected to go on sale in May 2011, will continue paying homage to the classic form. The outward differences will be a less-arched roofline that's more like the Ragster concept, and reportedly more surface detailing to b

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Time keeps on slippin' into the future, and cars keep on gettin' bigger. The Volkswagen New Beetle was shown at the LA Auto Show in various Final Edition guises, and the second word on the next edition is that it will be built on the Jetta platform. The first word was that Volkswagen wants the bubbleback's next design to be more masculine, which probably means – and this is just a guess – you can kiss that flower vase goodbye.

2010 Volkswagen New Beetle - Click above for high-res image gallery

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The VW Beetle is a cult favorite here in the States, but in Germany, it's not so well loved. That could be part of the reason why Volkswagen has been slow to produce a successor to the new Beetle, but word from Motor Trend is that two models could be coming shortly. The first Beetle will be based off the Gen-VI Golf and will hit production in 2010 or 2011.

The March Men's Vogue recently asked if the Smart fortwo is manly enough, and while we're not exactly lining up to buy one, we also wouldn't rip a friend (too much) for picking up the fuel-sipping two-seater. If our pal's fortwo had a Windup Key, however, all bets are off, and a Charley Horse or three may be in order. The Windup Key is a 22-by-10 inch faux windup key made of powder-coated 6061 aluminum, and it can be customized with different shapes, colors or even chrome coating. If you really

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BusinessWeek has trolled the NHTSA files to find out which automakers have had to recall their brand new 2007 models the most, and the winner is Volkswagen thanks to a recall of just over 1 milion 2007 New Beetles because of potentially faulty brake light switches. Of course, Ford announced a major recall of 3.6 million vehicles earlier this month for defective cruise control switches, but none of the vehicles affected were 2007 models and so don't count for this list.

Apparently Volkswagen and Ford were thinking alike. Red sells. Color, however, is about the only shared character trait of the GT500 Red Stripe and the New Beetle Cabriolet Red Edition.

Volkswagen has discovered that a previous recall of 362,000 vehicles (1999-2002 Jettas and 1998-2002 New Beetles) for a defective brake light switch actually affects a much larger range of vehicles. The German automaker is extending the recall to an additional 790,000 vehicles that include 1999-2006 Golf and GTI models, 2001-2005 Jettas, 2001-2007 New Beetles and the 2004 R32. The possibility exists that brake light switches in these vehicles may have been installed wrong, which could lead to th

When Volkswagen unveiled the New Beetle in 1998, the buzz was considerable. A smitten public got on waiting lists to acquire the early Bugs, and the cars attracted attention wherever they went. It's now 2007, and over the intervening years, the car's retro styling has gotten a bit stale.