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An alert, quick-thinking driver avoided a potentially dangerous situation this week in New Mexico when he evaded and attempted car jacking.

Within the state of New Mexico, only the county of Bernalillo requires emissions testing, or smog checks, to be performed on all vehicles that are less than 10,000 pounds, and are newer than 1982.

Whether you need replacement [wiper blades](https https://www.

At some point, you can count on having to buy parts for your vehicle.

Thinking about applying for an automotive technician job in New Mexico? The automotive industry has grown significantly in recent years, and while New Mexico has fewer employed mechanics than some other states, this can be a lucrative career with the right planning and preparation.

Car pool lanes have been around for a few decades, and have rapidly gained popularity in recent years.

A personalized license plate is one of the best and easiest ways to customize your vehicle.

If you drive in New Mexico, you already know there are many different traffic laws you are required to follow.

The state of New Mexico offers a number of benefits and perks for those Americans who have either served in an Armed Forces branch in the past, or are current active military members.

Before you can take your road test to get your license in New Mexico, you need to make sure you have your learner’s permit.

Like many other states, New Mexico uses a graduated licensing program that requires all new drivers under 18 years old to begin driving under supervision, in order to practice safe driving before getting their full driver’s license.

Following is an overview of the laws, limits, and fines as they relate to speeding traffic violations in the state of New Mexico.

In the state of New Mexico, special driver license plates or placards can be issued to people who are entitled to use disability spaces.

Driving on the roadways requires that you know the traffic laws sprinkled with a bit of common sense.

In New Mexico, there are laws governing child seat restraints, and requiring that every occupant of a vehicle must be properly restrained.

The state of New Mexico requires that cars have titles registered to their owners.

There are not always traffic signs and signals to tell motorists and pedestrians who should be given the right of way.

All registered vehicles in New Mexico are required to be covered by liability insurance, or “financial responsibility.

Drivers in New Mexico have a number of parking regulations and laws they need to be aware of so they do not inadvertently park in the wrong location.

Whether you live in New Mexico or are moving to the area, there are vehicle modification regulations of which you need to be aware.