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Ford has announced plans to start a hiring onslaught and over the course of the next two years the automaker will add more than 7,000 employees to its ranks. Hiring both salaried and hourly employees, Ford is looking for a few good men and women in the States. In 2011, it plans to hire around 4,000 folks to fill positions at a number of plants including 1,800 positions opening up at the Louisville Assembly plant.

The automotive industry is reeling under serious financial woes, plant closings and job cuts, so news that Daimler AG will be adding 1,000 new people to its payroll next year comes as a bit of a shock. The new jobs will be added globally, with 500 positions going to Daimler's headquarters in Stuttgart, and the rest being distributed around the world. These new positions will reportedly train the automaker's next generation of workers, which are entering the industry at a time when expertise in c