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High prices expected to cause new car sales drop in June

Average transaction prices were at record levels for the first half of the year

Average transaction prices were at record levels for the first half of the year.

Average transaction prices climb to a record $36,270 in January

The value of new vehicles sold climbed more than $1 billion compared to January 2017.

It's thanks to crossover, SUV, and truck sales.

November U.S. new car sales mixed as automakers deepen discounts

Expect to encounter highly motivated sales people in December.

Expect to encounter highly motivated sales people in December.

Black Friday deals expected to boost new car sales this year

U.S. new vehicle sales will show a 3.5-percent rise in November from a year earlier with retailers stretching out Black Friday deals for the full month.

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The next steps automakers could take after sales drop again in April

April is the second disappointing month in a row for new US car sales.

These are 2016's biggest automotive sales disappointments

We searched the sales charts of every automaker in America to see which cars and trucks aren't pulling their weight.

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February 2016: Leap Year Edition

Trucks and crossovers are so hot right now.

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January 2016: Weathering The Storm Edition

Winter weather and a lack of weekends hurt vehicle sales in January, 2016. Still, sales of crossovers and SUVs remain strong, and the full year is expected to rebound.

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December 2015: Records Are Meant To Be Broken Edition

It's official, folks: 2015 was a record year for automobile sales in the United States. We break down each automaker's individual sales performance from December.

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June 2015: Cheap Gas Moves More Metal Edition

If auto sales continue at their current and projected levels, more than 17 million new cars will be sold in 2015. And if that does indeed happen, it will be just the third time new-car sales in the United States will have hit that lofty peak.

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March 2014: Better Weather Is On The Horizon Edition

After the Polar Vortex-saddled January and February months of 2014, something tells us a break in the weather is exactly what car shoppers have been waiting for. Perhaps it's all the lovely green we see in the chart below that has us in an upbeat mood, but there's no denying most automakers doing business in these United States saw big sales improvements this month, led by the seemingly unlikely duo of Maserati and Jeremy Korzeniewski

Mercedes' September sales best in company's 87-year history

Even though new-car sales continue to rebound, that pace seemed to slow a bit in the US for September, but Mercedes-Benz had plenty to brag about. Last month, the automaker sold 142,994 vehicles around the world marking the best sales month ever in its 87-year history – thanks in large part to the redesigned Jeffrey N. Ross

Strong US auto sales in August on pace to top 15.5M in 2013

August sales will be announced next week, but early numbers say that it has been an exceptionally good month for new-car sales so far with two days left to go – including the kickoff to Labor Day weekend. Automotive News is reporting that forecasters are expecting this month to be the strongest single month since 2006 with retail sales projected to be around 1.27 million units.

US diesel model count to double for 2014?

While diesel cars are popular on most other continents, these less-complex alternative to hybrid-electric vehicles have yet to gain major traction in the US. As an increasing number of light cars and trucks start to offer these fuel-efficient engines, though, sales are expected to climb as well. While BMW, Mercedes-Benz and the Volkswagen Group

Pickup prices rising at 2x industry average

We've said it before, but bears repeating: Pickup trucks are the financial engines of America's automakers. Good thing, then, that the segment is in rude health – in fact, Automotive NewsChris Paukert

Used Car Prices Fall For The First Time In Years

Older cars seeing a dramatic decline, but newer used cars still expensive

The trend of rising used car values is reversing. USA Today reported that overall used-car prices fell 4.5% on average in April.

Chinese airline preparing to launch in-flight car dealerships

Better hire an automotive editor, SkyMall. The Chinese are about to one-up you.

Midsize cars and utility vehicles to make up 60% of new car sales in 2013

Midsize cars and crossovers make up some of the most popular new vehicles on the market, so it shouldn't be too surprising to see a recent study from Wards Auto that found the D-segment will account for the majority of new or redesigned vehicles over the next three years. What is surprising is that the study indicates that almost 60 percent of all Jeffrey N. Ross

Over 10% of new car buyers skip the test drive

How disinterested are consumers in their cars? According to a new study reported in The Detroit Free Press, more than 10 percent of new car buyers can't be bothered to take a test drive.

Auto sales credited with half of U.S. economic growth

The auto industry has long been a cyclical business, and though this last trough was a deep one, the coming boom has economists excited. According to Bloomberg, the auto industry's comeback contributed fully half of the 2.2 percent national economic growth in the first quarter of this year. Auto sales are on target to top 14 million vehicles this year, the best pace in four years.

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