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How You Can Have $2.09 Per Gallon Gas Now

Some drivers are getting just that with their Hondas and Ford pickups

Anxious over $5 per gallon gas promised by forecasters by early summer? How does $2.09 per gallon sound. That's what drivers of natural-gas vehicles enjoy now.

G-Power Hurricane GS claimed to be world's fastest LPG-fueled sedan

German tuner G-Power modifies standard vehicles with the intent of transforming them into the most capable autos in the world. Recently, G-Power outfitted a BMW M5 with a liquefied petroleum gas conversion kit and claims that the finished product, the G-Power Hurricane GS, is the fastest LPG-fueled sedan in the world. We'd like to see some video proof.

Report: Fiat, Chrysler considering natural gas push

The United States is currently the number one producer of natural gas, but with few exceptions the fuel that heats millions of homes hasn't made it's way into our cars and trucks. Automotive News reports that Fiat/Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne would like to change that in the coming years by introducing the technology in Fiat and Chrysler vehicles.

Chrysler joins Association for Natural Gas Vehicles; is this a sign of what's to come?

Over the summer, Fiat chief executive officer Sergio Marchionne set aside some time to visit historic Mackinac Island near Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Marchionne found this site to be a fitting location to discuss how compressed natural gas (CNG) could fuel Chrysler's future. The CEO outlined Chrysler's commitment to CNG development, stating:

ISO working on global standard for natural-gas fueling stations

Numerous automakers have committed serious R&D resources to producing efficient, alternative-fuel vehicles, but several challenges still lie ahead. In the realm of natural gas-fueled vehicles, developing a widespread supporting infrastructure of filling stations is essential for success, but it's not a simple matter. Ward's Auto succinctly sums up the challenges that natural gas vehicles face (stop us if you're heard this one before):

Exclusive: Honda Confirms Next-Gen Civic GX Natural Gas Vehicle

In Translogic episode 6.2 we took a look at one of the cleanest yet most obscure green cars sold in the U.S., the 2011 Honda Civic GX. The GX is just like every other Civic, except that its engine burns compressed natural gas (CNG) rather than gasoline. Honda confirmed to Translogic that when the company redesigns the

MIT: Natural gas is key to a cleaner automotive future, but only indirectly

A recent study conducted by a team of scholars over at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) concludes that natural gas will be a vitally important source of fuel for the automotive industry as we move forward, but it won't be pumped into cars as shown above. Instead, the researchers at MIT suggest that natural gas will play a key role in the advancement of electric vehicles (EVs) and will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Can I run a car on natural gas?

Can you run a car on compressed natural gas? Yes, you can. Wow, that was easy. I guess we can wrap up this week's Greenlings post quickly. Not so fast. Like just about everything else in this world, the full answer is much more complicated than the simple yes. Here in the United States, there are but a handful of vehicles available that are equipped from the factory to run on CNG, and there are even fewer places to get those vehicle's

Boston introduces hybrid taxis

During the recent AltWheels Festival in Boston, Mayor Tom Menino announce a new hybrid taxi initiative for the city. A new Toyota Camry hybrid owned by the Boston Cab Association is now roaming the streets of Boston. Taxis are an ideal application for hybrid vehicles because the bulk of their use is in crowded urban environments with a lot of stop and go driving. Most of the the benef