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How a hostage negotiator buys a car

Planet Money on National Public Radio takes an aerial view of the government's "fiscal cliff" brouhaha via three different negotiating techniques – the issue isn't what each side is trying to get, but how each side might try to get it. The two hosts outline three different ways to persuade, and then use ordinary examples to demonstrate how we use the same techniques for quotidian affairs that Congress will use to decide the next phase of the nation's financial future.

Report: Cuba's cadre of classic American cars in danger?

Cuba has an interesting law when it comes to the purchasing and sale of automobiles. While European and Asian cars can be imported, only vehicles built before 1959 (the year of the Cuban Revolution) are allowed to trade hands on the open market.

This American Life tells the NUMMI story

One of the highest-rated shows on National Public Radio is This American Life, which does deep-dives into weekly themes, exploring subj

NPR's Jason Beaubien drives across Cuba

As you're probably aware, we've imposed some pretty heavy trade embargoes against Cuba since just after Fidel Castro deposed Fulgencio Batista, and we've encouraged our friends to do likewise. As a result, there's a dearth of post-1960 cars running around the island nation. Pistonheads have long viewed Cuba with some interest, figuring that once Fidel and his brother Raul go bye-bye, the now closed, Communist nation will open its doors and sell some of all of the 1950s "Yank Tan

Bob Lutz says Wait, Wait! The Volt is more exciting than the Viper

The National Public Radio comedy news quiz show Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me! periodically takes there show on the road and this past weekend they turned up at the Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor. They have a segment called "Not My Job" where they ask a series of questions to a special guest on topics that have absolutely nothing to do with their known areas of expertise. For the road shows they usually get someone who lives locally and since Bob Lutz is generally more entertaining to listen