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Guinness world record largest Lego camper put on display

All it needs now is a drizzly camping weather, as it's located in Britain.

Bluebird DC50 launch at Beaulieu delayed

The name Bluebird may be synonymous with speed, made as it were by the land speed record car that bore the name the better part of a century ago. But speed doesn't always come without its setbacks.

Bluebird to launch electric sports and race cars

Another day, another EV sports car concept from out of the ether? Well, yes and no – Bluebird shoul

World's largest James Bond car collection coming together next year at British museum

Over the past half-century, James Bond has driven a wide variety of vehicles. (Okay, so most of them have been Aston Martins. The point is there's been a lot of them.) And while the occasional former Bond vehicle may pop up at auction every now and then, seeing more than one or two in the same place is a rare occasion indeed.

World of Top Gear exhibit opens in UK

World of Top Gear Exhibition opening day - Click above for high-res image gallery

How low can your Fiat go?

We've heard of chopping the top on your car, but this really is ridiculous. Brit gearhead Andy Saunders decided he wanted to build the world's lowest car, and set about doing it by dropping £240 on a 17-year-old Fiat 126. Next, he and two frieds spent three days building the car before a live audience at the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu.