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U.S. Fuel Cell Council, National Hydrogen Association link up

The U.S. Fuel Cell Council (USFCC) and the National Hydrogen Association (NHA) will link up to form the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association (FCHEA). The newly formed FCHEA will focus in on accelerating the commercial application of fuel cell and hydrogen energy technologies across multiple industries, including the automotive market. By merging two of the nation's leading hydrogen and fuel cell advocacy groups, a single, integrated message can be delivered to industry leaders and stakehold

Video: Schwarzenegger promises "Hydrogen Highway" efforts will continue

Gov. Schwarzenegger speaks at hydrogen conference – Click above to watch video after the jump

National Hydrogen Association's looks to 2100 for a time when H2 vehicles "dominate"

Automakers from Mercedes to Honda are eager to show off their hydrogen cars and plans for these vehicles in the future. We see it all the time here on AutoblogGreen (BTW, have you noticed our new "landing pages" for the various categories on the site? Try some: Sebastian Blanco

Massachusetts gets its first hydrogen station

In conjunction with a visit from the traveling road show that is the National Hydrogen Road Tour, the first filling station for the energy carrier in Massachusetts has opened near Boston. Nuvera Fuel Cells has opened a hydrogen pump at its U.S. headquarters in Billerica, MA. To mark the occasion, the hydrogen-fueled vehicles that are making their way across the country stopped by the facility

National Hydrogen Road Tour kicks off in Portland ME

Yesterday a National Hydrogen Road Tour kicked off in Portland ME. A motley collection of ten hydrogen fueled vehicles from a variety of manufacturers will be making their way from Maine to California over the next two weeks. The cars including the VW Tiguan HyMotion along with cars from BMW, Honda, Toyota, GM and others will be making 31 stops in 19 states along the way. Not all of the vehicles will be driven the entire route. General Motors for example will bring out its Project Driveway Fuel

Columbia, SC issues Fuel Cell Challenge

What will you do the next time you're in Columbia, South Carolina? How about working on a hydrogen fuel cell? The Greater Columbia Fuel Cell Challenge is working to make Columbia the town for fuel cell technology with a downtown Fuel Cell District, the University of South Carolina Columbia Fuel Cell Collaborative and, in 2009, the annual convention of the National Hydrogen Association. The Challenge group is currently looking for proposals

101 ethanol plants now producing in America

OK, we'll let a non-hydrogen story slip by here at the end of the day. While the National Hydrogen Association is excited to have 32 hydrogen fueling stations open across the country, that's nothing compared to the 101 ethanol plants now in operation across the U.S. These plants can produce 4744.9 mmgy (million gallons per year), according to Sebastian Blanco