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Not a very exciting headline, I know, but realize what this means. With the state government offering tax incentives on soybean-based B20 biodiesel as well as E85 ethanol, each retailer can lower their price per gallon by at least ten cents, making the two renewable resource fuels that much more affordable to consumers. That, in turn, makes E85-capable vehicles more attractive to purchase, which then increases the demand for and sales of said biofuel, stimulating suppliers to churn out more go-j

This story is a bit humorous and may even end up saving you a few bucks if you own a flex-fuel vehicle. Local San Antonio news station WOAI is reporting that a number of flex-fuel vehicles that have been running on regular unleaded gas may flash the check engine light the first few times you fill up with E85.

If you’re looking forward, and I mean really forward, to a time when ethanol is available at the corner gas station and everyone knows the difference between E85 and E100, then the NEVC has the PDF for you.