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In the continuing effort to find more efficient ways of generating hydrogen, researchers at Washington University in St. Louis have harnessed nanotechnology to create a photocatalyst to crack water into its constituent elements. The team created a nanostructured film comprised of three semiconductor films. Prof. Pratim Biswas and grad student Elijah Thimsen developed a process for producing semiconductors like titanium dioxide and tungsten oxide that are put into films and sandwiched together. W

Nano-materials seem to be one of the keys to improving the capability of batteries to absorb, store and discharge energy. AltairNano and A123 systems are both using the tiny particles in the construction of electrodes for their batteries.

The National Hydrogen Association Meeting is coming up this week in San Antonio, Texas and QuantumSphere will be making a presentation about a new breakthrough in hydrogen electrolysis. QSI makes nano metals and will be a announcing a new electrolysis electrode design that uses nano scale catalysts combined with larger materials, to achieve dramatic increases in hydrogen generation efficiency.