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Mazda Furai concept designer talks about his car's passing

Last week, there was mourning at the Autoblog offices as word trickled in that the Mazda Furai concept – one of the coolest, best-looking showcars to grace an auto show stage since the wild and crazy 1960s –had been killed. It was killed on the track with the folks from Top Gear in attendance. We're sure the gods of driving would have wanted it to die on a circuit, but that doesn't make its fiery passing any easier to deal with.

Nagare no more? Mazda to change styling direction

Mazda Furai Concept – Click above for high-res image gallery

Mazda Kazamai concept unveiled ahead of Moscow debut

Click image for a hi-res gallery of the Kazamai

2009 Mazda3 design to influence Mazda's entire lineup

Click the image above for more high-res shots of the Ryuga concept.

Rendered Speculation: Mazda's Taiki-inspired RX-7 revival

"We've just introduced a special edition of the RX-8" was the response from a Mazda rep when asked when we might get a new RX-7. Not the answer to the question, but we understand that it's all hush-hush when it comes to whatever might be in store on the 2-door, rear wheel drive, not-an-MX-5 tip. A new RX-7 (FE?) will debut within the next three years according to Autocar, and it will be the first production car to carry the design themes presented in Mazda's latest series of concept cars (Nagare

Mazda considering CX-5, a Hakaze-inspired crossover

Mazda made it clear at the beginning of this auto show season that each of the three concepts it debuted would be more production ready than the last. First there was the Nagare concept that debuted at the LA Auto Show, and then came the Ryuga concept that was shown at the Detroit Auto Show. The final concept, called the Hakaze, debuted this month in Geneva, and according to a report from Auto Express is destined to inspire the design of a production CUV called the CX-5.

More pics of the Mazda Hakaze concept

click above image to view all the new Hakaze photos

Mazda's Hakaze design concept offers "acceptable" fuel economy

Click on the image for a gallery of high-res images of the Mazda Hakaze design concept.

Detroit Auto Show: Mazda Ryuga Concept gallery, all the biofuel details

I like the Ryuga. I don't know if I'd ever want to own one, but I like the way it looks. And, while it's certainly one of Mazda's big reveals this week, they are not hyping the green aspect of the Ryuga as much as they are of the Tribute SUV hybrid. Perhaps since the Ryuga is just a concept, they're focusing on the design. The Ryuga press release (which you can read after the jump) has one line about the E85 flex fuel engine that might go in the Ryuga: "an E85/Gasoline FLEX FUEL engine which run

Detroit Auto Show: Mazda about to unveil Ryuga concept vehicle at NAIAS

In an event scheduled for right about now, Mazda will unveil the new Ryuga concept vehicle (along with the new Tribute hybrid we already know a lot about). The press release for this car places the Ryuga (pronounced: ree-yoo-ga) with Mazda's Nagare/flow concept. Well, with but also above. The Ryuga will "higher level of sophistication through the use of rich fabrics, engineered fits and hidden details," Mazda says. I say fine, but what's cool about the Ryuga is that Mazda has conceptualized the

Detroit Auto Show: Live shots of the gorgeous Mazda Ryuga

click on above image to view all the new high-resolution live shots

Detroit Auto Show: Mazda Ryuga Concept

var digg_url = 'http://www.digg.com/design/Mazda_Ryuga_hottest_concept_at_Detroit_Auto_Show8'; The Ryuga (pronounced "ree-yoo-ga," Japanese for gracious flow) is Mazda's second concept in a series of three it plans to debut this auto show season. The first was the Nagare that debuted in L.A., and the last will be unveiled in March at the Geneva show. The Ryuga, however, is here today and stands as a more developed concept than the Nagare, which was a pure exterior design study with no powertr