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Many of our readers have vowed not to buy another car until they can get one that features a plug. However, many others can't wait until affordable electric vehicles become widely available. For those that need an affordable car that emits as little as possible and consumes not much more, there are options. The folks at NADAguides.com have compiled a list of the top five cleanest conventional cars currently available. Technically, the list actually contains only four unique cars, since the Chevy

With Earth Day coming up on April 22nd, it's inevitable that automotive conversations will take on a green tinge. While hybrids are an obvious hot topic, it's not the only way to tread lightly on Mother Nature. NADAGuides.com have named what they think are the top five cleanest conventional vehicles, basing the scores on a combination of greenhouse gas emissions, pollution levels and fuel economy. Surprisingly or not, the list is primarily comprised of domestic vehicles. The press release is pos

Tell me something, do you think driving a car that's better for the environment than, say, a 1980 Buick, is a surefire recipe for getting a "Ha-ha!" when you're driving down the strip? I think there are plenty of people who see driving green is totally chic (see any of the celeb+Prius posts over at Ecorazzi or stories of people who loooove their biodiesel Mercedes), but for the folks at NADA Guides, there are three top green cars (and they cost between $34,000-$51,000):