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When it comes to the realm of automotive performance, conventional wisdom can occasionally be outright delusional. Here are five myths that could use a dose of reality.

They say that an image tells more than a thousand words. The same can be said about this GMNext video, which you can find after the jump, which has GM's diesel guru Gary Arvan answering, some common questions from some Los Angeles passers-by, The diesel questions include queries such as why diesels are more popular in Europe than in the U. S., why diesel is more expensive at the pump, what happens if you use the wrong fuel at the pump and how it affects your health from the exhaust pump.

We have written about the Mythbusters many times before, so it just seems right to let you all know that in their latest episode, where they tackled superhero myths, they could be seen showing up to their super-secret lair in a Prius. Maybe that was in an effort to offset the horrible emissions emanating from their Mythmobile, which appears to have been based on an '80s Camaro. We're sure that they are hard at work coming up with a cleaner, greener new Mythmobile, since their last one had troubl