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This CO2 inflator can top off your bike tires in seconds

The tool is just under $20

Inflate your flat bike tire in seconds. The CO2 Inflator is a compact tool that can help you out in a pinch. It uses CO2 cartridges to fully inflate a flat tire in just seconds. The aluminium alloy valve takes a 16-gram thread CO2 cartridge. CO2 gas will dissipate from rubber over time so this tool is best used as an emergency solution. Deflate the CO2 from your tires than re-inflate with air when possible. The quick and easy CO2 Inflator is currently $19.98. The CO2 Inflator from Pro Bike T

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This gadget lets you stop a moving car like Spider-Man

Each strand of the net can hold up to 1,200 lbs of force

Spiderman-like net stops speeding cars. ArrestNet by Pacsci EMC is a vehicle arresting system. Designed for applications like high-speed pursuits. The non-lethal vehicle system deploys in 3 seconds via remote control. When a speeding vehicle runs over ArrestNet spikes penetrate the tires. This triggers the net to deploy and wrap around the tires and stopping a dangerous situation without the use of lethal force. Each strand of the net can hold up to 1,200 lbs of force. ArrestNet by PacSci EMC

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This personal watercraft is completely portable

It's also virtually untippable

A personal, portable watercraft. The GoBoat is a portable and foldable single seat watercraft. Created by Dave Yonce and inspired by his time flying over uncharted ponds, streams, and lakes. Yonce wanted a portable watercraft for people on the go. The foldable tire-shaped boat is virtually untippable. It can be used for fishing, hunting, sightseeing, and bumper boating. The GoBoat starts at $499 but does not include a motor or battery. The GoBoat is a portable and foldable single seater wat

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This aerial surfboard was made for thrill-seekers

It lets you surf the clouds

An aerial surfboard for thrill seekers. WingBoard by Wyp Aviation is designed for the adventure sport enthusiast. Creator Aaron Wypyszynski was inspired by the 1990’s cartoon ‘Talespin’. The glider acts like a wakeboard but instead of water you carve sky. WingBoarding looks like an exciting new sport. But Wyp Aviation hasn't updated its progress on WingBoard since 2017. So we’ll just have to wait to surf the clouds. WingBoard by Wyp Aviation is an aerial surfboard designed for thrill seekers

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This mobility scooter folds and unfolds with a button

It only weighs 55 lbs

A foldable mobility scooter. The R30 from Di Blasi folds and unfolds with the just the press of a button. R30 has a max speed of 4 mph and 12.5 miles of electric range. The scooter weighs 55 lbs and has a carrying capacity of 220 lbs, and it’s only 24.5-inches wide when unfolded. The R30 is a foldable mobility scooter from the Italian company Di Blasi. The R30 can fold and unfold with the press of a button. It can carry up to 220 pounds and has a top speed of 4 mph. Learn more at di-blasi.com