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Imagine living next to this: The song is the same, over and over

A "singing road" in the Netherlands creates a cacophony for nearby villagers.

Remember the road that played the William Tell Overture when driven over at 55 mph? The Honda marketing ploy kept neighbors awake at night, so the city paved over it. Now, in another great example of "small town comes up with oddball tourist attraction," the city of Lancaster, California got hundreds of phone calls requesting they save the road. So not only has the city devoted $35,000 to putting the road in another location, they've even been approached by other companies that want to subsidize

When you get right down to it, music is all about assembling the right vibrations at the right time. Thus, it should come as no surprise that roads can be designed to sing you a song. In Japan, there's a stretch called Melody Road, which has a series of grooves cut into it with spacing varied to produce different tones as car tires roll over them at speed. The quarter notes painted on the road surface are a visual indicator to unsuspecting motorists that their car is not going to puke its drives