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Ford Announces Spotify For Sync AppLink

Popular music streaming service Spotify will become available on Ford's SYNC Applink system, the automaker announced today at the Mobile World Congress. This will be Spotify's first time fully integrating into an OEM's infotainment system--Volvo announced late last year their intentions with Spotify, but that won't be ready until next year.

The music you listen to impacts your driving safety

Walking by any cardio class at the gym – or watching Iron Eagle – should be enough clue that music affects the tempo at which we do things. A study, admittedly a tiny one, by UK car and financial site Confused.com puts it in perspective behind the wheel. Using its MotorMate app to monitor driving behavior during a 500-mile road trip, it had the eight participants drive the first half without music, while the

OK Go plays "Needing/Getting" with the Chevy Sonic

Chevrolet alluded to it in its "Stunt Anthem" Super Bowl commercial for the Sonic, and during this weekend's Super Bowl, the genuine article appeared. As promised, the Sonic tests out its musical chops by playing OK Go's "Needing/Getting."

IFA 2011: Gracenote shows off the future of mood-based music

After a particularly rough day, few things are more cathartic than getting in your car and reveling in some choice tunes to suit your mood. Sure, you could dial up one of the 'heads (Radiohead, Portishead, The Talking Heads...) and wallow in self-pity on your way home, or – if Gracenote has its way – you can simply pick your mindset and let the algorithm do the work.

BMW Apps Adds Streaming Music Service MOG

For music listeners, streaming music services are becoming much more important. So, of course the automakers want in--after all, more OEMs are turning to technology as a main driver of new customers. BMW, wanting to stay ahead of the curve, just announced that MOG will be making an appearance on their BMW ConnectedDrive vehicles.

Chevrolet backs Spotify's U.S. launch, integration imminent

Unless you've been living in tech-exile for the last 24 hours, you're undoubtedly aware of Spotify's launch in the U.S. The music streaming service has been going strong in Europe for the last two years and after a series of protracted negotiations with the music industry, Stateside audiophiles can finally get their all-you-can-eat fix by joining the service with free, $5 or $10 monthly plans.

TuneIn Radio Lets You Stream Your Favorite Stations From Anywhere [VIDEO]

Technology seems to be the natural enemy of traditional AM/FM radio. First came cassette and CD players, then Satellite Radio, and now wireless iPod connectivity, offering a completely customizable listening experience. But, in an ironic turn, Internet Radio apps could become the unlikely savior of AM/FM stations.

Honda hopes Civic will inspire you to write a song

Honda is casting the Sounds of Civic social media-based contest as a fun way for you to whip up a little song and possibly win a 2012 Honda Civic of your own. You might accept it at face value, or you may see it as a contrived and cynical attempt at being current and/or relevant. If the ninth-generation Honda Civic excites you into musical rapture, great, submit your song on t

Mog Music Coming To Mini

Until Spotify irons out its arrangements with U.S. record labels, audiophiles looking to access their music through the cloud are left with two options: Rdio and Mog. But the decision to choose Mog over its rivals just got a little easier – assuming you own a Mini.

Watch This: BMW ConnectedDrive recognizes you, matches music to your mood

BMW's ConnectedDrive crew has its hands full. Not only is it rolling out new technologies on a near-weekly basis, it's developing a full-fledged concept for next month's Geneva Motor Show. On top of that, a couple of its team members are trying to make two of our infotainment dreams a reality: customizable mood-based music and the automotive equivalent of the Damon Lavrinc

DIY: Use Dropbox to sync your carputer's music

If you've snagged an iPad or Galaxy Tab, or plan to pick up one of the eleventeen quadrillion Android tablets that debuted at CES, you might have an unloved netbook collecting dust in the corner. Nobody puts ACER in a corner! So if you're looking for a weekend project, here's a suggestion: port your netbook's audio into your car stereo, connect it to a wireless network and use Dropbox to sync your tunes on the go.

Top 10 car songs picked by AOL Radio listeners; Do you agree?

AOL Radio's top car songs - Click above to see the list

You're Doing it Wrong: UK survey shows favorite summer driving song is... Sweet Home Alabama?!

UK firm HPI has some of the most intriguing customers in the business. The firm, akin to CarFax, provides a vetted history of a used car so buyers know what they're really getting. It has just concluded a survey of its customers to find out what they like most for road trip jams, and out of all the classic rock tracks being laid down in 1974, Lynyrd Skynyrd's distinctly non-British Sweet Home Alabama took the top spot.

Chevy Beat stars as centerpiece of European young artists competition [w/video]

Young Creative Chevrolet awards – Click above to watch video after the jump

VIDEO: In Da Club Cherokee? Enterprising kids go all Jeep techno

Jeep Cherokee beatbox – Click above to watch video

It's a Shame: Songwriter Evan Dando reportedly suing GM over music copyright [w/VIDEO]

Bankruptcy is often not a clear-the-books-and-start-over process, but a continuation of one's troubles with people still piling on top of a business on its knees. Evan Dando, founder of alt-rock band The Lemonheads, is the latest to throw himself onto the GM scrum.

Chevy, Jonas Brothers rock out for a green future

Finally, a chance to blog about the Jonas Brothers! Today (Feb. 19), at Walt Disney Studios, Chevy is "rolling out the green carpet" (aka sponsoring) a concert that will ask the more than 150 L.A area students that attend to "promise to live better," save the environment ... and also check out GM's collection of green cars. Jonas Brothers Kevin, Joe and Nick actually own a Chevrolet Tahoe 2 Mode Hybrid SUV (are they old enough to drive?) and the "young influencers" will also enjoy a car that pop

Kia TV ad: Spectra is so fuel efficient, you will forget which side the car the gas tank is on

Fuel efficiency is becoming more important to cars buyers. Ads are starting to reflect that and the best one I have seen recently is Kia's ad for the Spectra. The commercial's music is just a piano and the folksy voice of Joe Purdy singing "I just can't seem to get it right today." The visuals are a variety of melancholy people struggling to remember something from so long ago. What is this thing all these people ha

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