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The team from MIT has won the ecomagination Challenge with a solar-powered refueling station and biodiesel processor. We told you about the Ecomagination Challenge in January. It's a competition between college teams sponsored by mtvU and General Electric. Students were challenged to propose projects to green up their campus.

Here's a great idea: ask college students to develop new and creative ways to green their campus. General Electric and mtvU have combined to sponsor this unique competition. Of the 10 finalists, two schools are taking on biodiesel projects. MIT is looking at a solar-powered biodiesel processing and filling station while Vanderbilt wants to build a biodiesel production system that is obviously visible to help educate the public. You can view video presentations and fact pages from both schools on

One lucky UCLA student who submitted his name to MTVU (that's MTV's University network) won Larry David's Prius last week, and the car keys were hand-delivered by David to the student while was in his class on Effective Methods of Social Change. The student, Erick Tarula, said he could now get rid of his gas-guzzling truck and switch to the hybrid compact car.