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It's not out of the question to think that Vauxhall could win a shootout for the best fuel economy. But you'd figure the honors would be taken by something like the Ampera plug-in hybrid or one of its EcoFlex models, not the VXR8 muscle sedan, what with its huge 6.2-liter V8 engine. But it's precisely the VXR8 that took the prize at the end of the day.

The 2009 edition of the ALD World MPG Marathon was held a couple weeks ago and this year's winner gained a result unseen in the contest's seven-year history: 80.61 mpg U.S. (96.81 mpg UK). Mick Linford was the man behind the wheel for the 360-mile contest and wrung the result from a smart cdi. Officially rated at 71.28 mpg U.S. ( 85.6 mpg UK) combined, the mileage master managed to make a 13 percent increase with the machine. The two-seat oil burner, which just became available in the UK this ye

OK, tell me who isn't on a mileage marathon these days? We're still rocking the Audi trip, and the Peugots and the Corvette were busy in the UK with the ALD event. Meanwhile, we get a note from Toyota that their fleet has "dominated" the ALD World MPG Marathon. ToMoCo's definition of dominating is that a Yaris got the highest overall fuel economy while an Aygo got the highest mileage with a petrol engine.

The teams on this ongoing Audi Mileage Marathon aren't the only ones trying to maximize their fuel efficiency right now. Over in Britain this week they held the third annual MPG Marathon. Compared to our trans-continental trek, the British event was a sprint at a mere 411 miles. However, that event was open to all comers and is run more in the fashion of the hyper-miling rallies often held in the U.S. The goal is for each driver to top the rated mileage number of their car by the biggest possibl

Finally, we have some fresh content for AutoblogGreen's Cadillac category. A quick run down the list shows that some brands are just greener than others (we still haven't found anything all that green from Rolls Royce or Jaguar, for instance). The Caddy news is that two Cadillac BLS 1.9 Turbo Diesels took part in the 360-mile 2006 AA / ALD Automotive MPG Marathon this past week and reached an impressive overall fuel economy of 55.6 mpg and 52.1 mpg, respectively (measured in Imperial gallons of