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Lexus RC F takes star turn in 'Men in Black: International' blockbuster

Co-stars include a weapons-carrier Jaguar XJ and hovercycle

Co-stars include a weapons-carrier Jaguar XJ and hovercycle.

Audi E-Tron GT Concept confirmed for 'Avengers 4'

We'd place our bets on Tony Stark owning it

Audi tipped its hand before it even officially debuted the E-Tron GT Concept at the L.A. Auto Show. In a private event the night ahead of the first media day, Audi brought in Robert Downey Jr. to pull the curtain on the new electric four-door coupe. Now we know why. In an email exchange, an Audi representative confirmed to Autoblog that the E-Tron GT would make an appearance in the upcoming "Avengers 4" movie. The link comes as no spectacular surprise, as Audi has a fairly long history wit

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The futuristic vehicles of 'Blade Runner 2049'

The highly anticipated sci-fi film "Blade Runner 2049" will be in theaters Oct 6, 2017. As car enthusiasts, we couldn't help but notice the handful of awesomely futuristic vehicles that have been popping up in the movie's trailers. Tuk tuks are in, and there's also a Lada. Wanna find out more about the film and the cars? Head over to http://bladerunnermovie.com/

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Speed Sisters documentary | Autoblog Minute

Speed Sisters is a documentary about the first ever all-female racing team in the Middle East. Filmmaker Amber Fares follows five female racers in Palestine. Film focuses on the challenges facing these women and modern life in the Middle East.

Revisiting the 2008-09 auto bailout that saved GM and Chrysler

'Live Another Day' documentary shows how close the industry came to collapse.

An an inside look at the almost-demise of the Big 3.

There's a Nissan Rogue promo tie-in with Rogue One: A Star Wars Story because of course

It's Nissan Rogue and Rogue One. Get it, guys? GET IT?

The Nissan Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Rogue Special Edition, coming soon to a dealer near you (probably).

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Transformers 5's Mercedes-AMG GT R and Corvette Z06 spied

The AMG GT R will star as Drift, while the Z06 appears to be a new character called Lone Sniper.

Our spies captured two more stars of the fifth Transformers movie, caught filming alongside fan-favorite Bumblebee.

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Join Vin Diesel and The Rock on the set of Fast and Furious 8

Omaze and The Paul Walker Foundation have teamed up to raise money for the charity. A series of Fast & Furious related prizes is capped with a chance to visit the set and meet the stars.

The Mill's shapeshifting Blackbird can mimic any car

Thanks to the Blackbird, automotive content will never be the same.

The Blackbird can adjust its length and width, and tune its electric motors to mimic the driving characteristics of any car.

Wolverine will drive weird custom Chrysler 300 in next X-Men movie

We're not quite sure what to make of this long-wheelbase movie car.

Hitch Theaters makes the drive-in theater a go-anywhere option

A tow-hitch-mounted screen and a projector can turn your truck bed into a tiny movie theater.

The drive-in theater may be dying, but a new Kickstarter campaign wants to give you the ability to watch a big-screen blockbuster anywhere your truck can go.

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Short Film "Rush Hour" Creates Surreal Intersection | Autoblog Minute

Movie magic turns intersection into crazy scene. The creators of the opening sequence of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert created this short film.

Vin Diesel is in Havana, Cuba, filming Fast 8

Vin Diesel and Fast 8 director F. Gary Gray are in Havana, Cuba filming the latest installment in the long-running action series.

Mad Max: Fury Road cleans up with six well-deserved Oscars

Hoarding golden statues like guzzoline.

In the Wasteland, it's a struggle to survive. In Hollywood, it's a glut of awards. Here's the low-down.

Let Morgan Freeman read out your directions on Waze app

Morgan Freeman is the latest celebrity to record directions for Google's Waze app, where he joins famous voices such as Elvis and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Christian Bale quits Enzo Ferrari biopic over weight gain

He tried, but allegedly failed, to reach the weight needed to play the lead in Michael Mann's film about the legendary automaker.

Vin Diesel hints at Big Apple for Fast and Furious 8

Vin Diesel hinted that the next film in the blockbuster Fast and Furious series could take place in New York, while continuing to point to a April 2017 debut.

Documentary filmmakers looking for Cannonball Run footage

A German production company is developing a documentary on the real-life race that inspired the Cannonball Run movie, and is looking for historical footage.

Lamborghini Miura from 'The Italian Job' is for sale

A classic car dealer in Cheshire, England says he has the Lamborghini Miura from the movie 'The Italian Job,' a car that was lost for 46 years.

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