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If you're a fitness nut, the thought of having something other than your legs power you up the mountainside is tantamount to downing a McDonalds McRib while choking down your second pack of Marlboro Reds. But for those of us less concerned with exercise and more interested in enjoying the spaces between A and B, Ego-Kit has an answer. And it's packing 1,200-watts of go juice.

Subaru has decided to issue a 99-edition run of mountain bikes under its own corporate banner called the Subaru XB steel hardtail. If there's any automaker for which such a move fits, it is Subaru (has anyone even seen a Porsche or Mercedes mountain bike in the wild?). And it's not the first time a Japanese car concern has jumped into the bicycle biz: Bridgestone had a seriously good range of road and mountain bikes in the '80s and '90s. However, Subaru's effort will be outsourced, built-to-orde