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As a nation, we're pretty attached to our cars. Thanks to generations of poor civil planning and rampant urban sprawl, we've come to need personal transportation like most civilizations require fresh water. Turns out we aren't the only ones, though. Our amiable neighbors to the north seem to be just as hooked on the automobile as their surly cousins down south. A new survey of Canadian drivers has found that car owners would gladly give up a number of essentials before parking their car once and

Now that another Valentine's Day has passed, we can offer a little advice to those of you who might have avoided Cupid's arrows another year. If you're struggling to find that special someone, maybe you should stop searching on eHarmony and start looking in your garage. A new survey by British insurance specialist Diamond puts some numbers to what we've known all along, namely that people are more attracted to others who drive nice cars. The company polled 3,000 people and 36% admitted that they