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Starting with the KLX 250S, which scores an excellent 70 miles per gallon, Kawasaki has 23 motorcycles that get 33 miles per gallon or better. In case you were wondering, that is every single bike that the manufacturer makes, including beasts such as the Ninja ZX-10R and the 1.4-liter ZX-14. To highlight the possible fuel savings that a two-wheeled vehicle offers over its four-wheeled and enclosed cousins, Team Green has created a new micro-site that shows you each model and its mpg rating.

Motorcyclists probably never worry about fuel economy unless they're cruising across country. Bikes get significantly better mileage than cars, even the high-performance models. So it was interesting that LA Times motorcycle columnist Susan Carpenter received a question about MPG ratings for 2-wheelers. She answered that there is no EPA guide and the manufacturers aren't required to test for mileage. The only alternatives are the media, which doesn't review every bike, and the manufacturers if t