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Porsche Classic launching branded motor oil for air-cooled boxer engines

It's hard not to love the look of a classic Porsche. Whether it's the upside-down bathtub styling of the 356 or the gradual evolution of the 911, there is a little beauty in all of them. However, the older they get, the more that needs repaired to keep them on the road. Porsche Classic is helping out, though, by introducing its own brand of m

Nearly two years later, we get our hands on Lubricheck's "blood tester"

In May of 2011, we ran a story about a small company seeking backers for an innovative do-it-yourself device engineered to measure the level of contaminants in a vehicle's motor oil. Armed with the knowledge, consumers could extend oil change intervals, save money and help the environment. Things apparently went well for the startup, as its Lubrich

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Universal Lubricant's recycled Eco Ultra motor oil hits Amazon.com

Universal Lubricants' (UL) recycled Eco Ultra motor oil is now available to the general public through Amazon.com.

Universal Lubricants signs recycled oil deal with Enterprise

Universal Lubricants' (UL) recycled Eco Ultra motor oil is catching on slowly, but surely. Earlier this month, UL announced that some of Enterprise's rental vehicle fleet will soon reuse its own spent motor oil. Worried? Don't be. Here's how it'll work: beginning at Enterprise's airport service centers in five states, UL will collect spent motor oil from Alamo, Enterprise and National vehicles and proceed to re-refine the fluid, thereby transforming what was once unwanted waste into Eco Ultra mo

Eco Ultra recycled motor oil production hits 1.5M gallons; used oil can also be turned into gas

Universal Lubricants' (UL) recycled Eco Ultra motor oil is catching on slowly, but surely. Made in the U.S. at the company's "re-refinery," Eco Ultra is an American Petroleum Institute (API) certified engine oil with one of the highest percentages of recycled content, according to UL. Eco Ultra meets or exceeds the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) requirements and most vehicle manufacturers' specifications.

Shell introduces Ecobox; motor oil container that reduces plastic waste by 89%

Back in 1965, a winemaker in Australia had a novel idea. He decided that wine in a bottle was wasteful in many ways and thus came forward with the invention of boxed wine. While some applauded his innovative thinking, wine purists thought that the invention was all kinds of evil (but it did set up a nice joke on Arrested Development one time). 45 years later, Shell Lubrica

Slick Thinking: new API oil standard

There are broad strokes that you can take toward increased efficiency. Going that route results in expensive new technology or plucking the low-hanging fruit. The other way, of course, is to optimize everything obsessively, from wheel bearings to wiper blades. Engine oil is a vital, yet unsung necessity, and it can play a big role in fuel consumption as well as its obvious task of protecting the engine's internals.

Oil Painting: Lewis Hamilton rendered in used Mobil 1

Components from F1 cars – especially championship-winning F1 cars – don't go to waste. Collectors eagerly snap them up and put them on display as fast as the teams will release them. But in this case, the motor oil from Lewis Hamilton's title-winning McLaren-Mercedes MP4-24 was used to create a tribute to the driver.

Motor oil from cow fat that biodegrades in days

The gasoline or diesel that goes in the fuel tank is by no means the only petroleum used in cars. Oil is also used as a lubricant to keep all the metal parts sliding smoothly over one another. That lubricating oil needs to be changed periodically as it gets contaminated. Unfortunately a lot of people who change their own oil don't dispose of it properly, leading to contaminated soil and ground water. However, Green Earth Technologies has developed a new oil that isn't made from crude and even bi

Don't forget to recycle your used motor oil

Oftentimes, when the subject of oil appears on the internet, a raging debate ensues regarding which brand offers the highest quality or whether or not synthetic is superior to straight dino-oil. We're not touching that one today, but we would like to remind our readers of the importance of recycling your used motor oil. Matt Hale, Director of EPA's Office of Solid Waste, says, "Recycling used motor oil conserves energy, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and prevents the possible contamination of

Master Mechanics vote for 3,000-mile oil change interval

In a survey conducted by Valvoline, sixty-percent of ASE certified Master Automobile technicians questioned said that a vehicle's oil should be changed every 3,000 miles. Twenty-nine percent said between 3,000-5,000 miles is acceptable and just two percent voted that between 5,000-10,000 miles is okay.