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'80s Vixen RV is the 'first driver's motor home' [UPDATE]

There is no class of vehicles that drives worse than RVs. Period. Who would of have thought strapping a house worth of furniture, appliances, carpeting and plumbing to a bus would have detrimental effects on a machine's drivability? It turns out there was one machine in the '80s that promised to rethink the modern RV. The Vixen was designed and built in Pontiac, Michigan to be everything the rigs of the day were not. Powered by a BMW turbodiesel engine

Paris Motor Show: Knaus V-liner

Vive la différence! This Euro-style RV is a cool alternative to its (much) larger North American counterparts.

The Wothahellizat: Winnegabos weep in its presence

We hereby nominate the Wothahellizat built by Australian photographer Rob Gray as the Most Bitchin Thing on Wheels for 2006. Being a nature photographer, Gray and his wife, Chris, often spend long stretches of time out in the Australian wilderness and needed a vehicle that would be part condo, part off-roader, no compromises. The couple is able to spend months at a time out in the field with the 6x6 Wothahellizat thanks to a list of features that's too long to list.