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Aretha Franklin, queen of soul, passes away in Detroit

We look back on how she impacted car culture

We look back on how she impacted car culture.

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Woodward Dream Cruise | Autoblog Minute

Mylencia Gillenwaters reports on the Woodward Dream Cruise and Eddie Sabatini hits the pavement for interviews with Motor City car enthusiasts.

BMW Z8, Lambo LM002 sell for $192,500 apiece in Detroit [w/poll]

Solid 50-percent appreciation for a Bavarian roadster and a Bolognese sport-ute sold at auction in Detroit this past weekend show that multi-million-dollar classics aren't the only cars that can prove a wise financial investment.

Zipcar expands carsharing in Detroit with 40 vehicles, mostly from Ford

Things have taken off for Zipcar in the Motor City. The carsharing leader has gone from offering two cars to 40. Most of these 40 cars will come from one of Detroit's Big Three, Ford Motor Company.

DetNews: UAW convention in Detroit draws protestors

The United Auto Workers are gathering in Detroit this week through Thursday to elect new leadership, and delegates from around the country are filing into Cobo Hall – home of the Detroit Auto Show – to have their votes counted. And even though union membership has been cut in half over the past decade and automakers have won many concessions, many UAW Representatives feel that leadership did the best they could under

Motor City to become biker friendly with 400 miles of new pathways

The City of Detroit is about to undertake a massive construction project that will create hundreds of miles of pathways for bicyclists to use through the heart of downtown. The project aims to provide safe travel lanes for commuting cyclists and bikers visiting local attractions and, by linking together Detroit's downtown area, the city hopes to set an example for other cities across the nation. Might as well try to take the lead in something other than urban decay, right?

GM: Soon, Detroit will earn its nickname as the Motor City

2011 Chevy Volt - Click above for high-res image gallery