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Motive Industries Kestrel concept – Click above for high-res gallery kes·trel [kes-truhl] –noun

If our post about Motive Industries hemp composite electric car had you jonesin' for more info, not to worry. We've just scored more straight dope on the green machine that we're only too happy to pass a bong along.

Motive Industries talks about its cannabis-bodied car – Click above to watch a video after the jump

Using the same high efficiency and "user first" philosophy they applied to the Aptera 2e, Jason Hill of Eleven and Nathan Armstrong of Motive Industries have done the impossible and re-made the pontoon boat into a thing of environmentally-sound beauty. On behalf of the Tamarack Lake Electric Boat Company, the engineering and design team has taken the boat builder's signature craft, the solar-powered Loon, and re-thought it from stem to stern, water to sky. The result is a breakthrough design tha

Aspiring Automotive X-Prize competitor Motive Industries has released new images of their car. The original images were design sketches and the new shots are computer generated images. No word yet on when a prototype will actually be running, but Motive does have some interesting ideas for their plug-in hybrid. From the schematics on the Motive site, it appears they are planning a front wheel drive 2+2 with an electric motor driving those front wheels. A rear mounted engine operates as a range e