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Much has been made about the Moose Test as of late. The evasive maneuver test popularized by Swedish safety experts is meant to simulate a driver unexpectedly encountering and attempting to avoid one of these majestic furry beasts. The test is performed by executing a split-second emergency lane change to determine if the vehicle can maintain control.

We will cop to having arrived at work suffering from memory loss, but never from hitting a moose. At least not that we can remember, anyway.

Marc Cameron and Paul "Moose" Curtis, are an artistic twosome that are exceedingly skilled at turning dirt, grime and muck into art. In fact, the pair have teamed up to create our favorite kind of art – the sort that features automobiles as the subject. Starting with a spot on a dirt-covered wall in Munich, Moose and Cameron remove the buildup of gunk in various layers leaving behind their desired image.

Citroën Nemo on its tippy toes – Click above to watch the video after the break

Driver Juleigh McDowell of Sterling, Massachusetts was on the wrong end of a nasty surprise late Thursday, when a 500-pound moose crashed through her windshield on Route 12, ending up ‘sitting’ in the passenger seat, its head sticking through the glass. We’re not exactly sure how a moose origamis itself into a car seat, but as the poor animal was later euthanized, the question is probably best left unanswered.

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