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If you didn't get enough of Jesse James on Monster Garage, you'll soon get the chance to buy a piece of him. James' Payupsucker Productions is working with Circle King Networks to give life to El Jefe Entertainment, which promises authentic enthusiast and motorsports entertainment. But you may not be able to find this information on cable, as Ultimate Motorcycling reports that the content will be made for DVD, Pay Per View and mobile formats.

California air regulators slapped Jesse James with a monster fine for building 50 custom bikes that didn't have state certified emissions equipment. The LA Times says the $271,250 fine applies to bikes built at West Coast Choppers between 1998 and 2005. Inspectors from the Air Resources Board found the vehicles didn't have proper smog equipment on the exhaust or intake systems and they could spit out 10 times the amount of hydrocarbons allowed by state law. Regulators say James was not targeted

Women do weird things to you sometimes, man. Case in point – Jessie James. Once the biggest badass west of the Rockies, the guy hooks up with Sandra Bullock and suddenly the couple is the sole proprietor of an organic, solar-powered burger joint named Cisco Burger. The new eco-friendly fast food restaurant is located east of the West Coast Choppers compound in which James' “Monster Garage”  TV show is taped. According to TreeHugger the menu will include preservative and ho