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Elon Musk announces reorg as Tesla engineering chief goes on leave

‘We are flattening the management structure’

Tesla is facing a sudden loss of key leadership at a critical moment when new vehicles, like the Model 3 sedan and upcoming Model Y SUV, are desperately needed to help boost the electric automaker's bottom line. According to a report Nick Kurczewski

Why we can't have better headlights here in the U.S.

Outdated safety standards, lack of NHTSA leadership keep us in the dark

FCA UConnect fiasco could set over-the-air updates back years

Industry slow to implement OTA, and a recent Uconnect snafu won’t help

Tesla’s bottlenecks and hand grenades

Sustained production, not burst builds, are needed for the Model 3.

Tesla isn't advancing the state of production in the auto industry, but is actually going backward.

Tesla won't let Brexit raise its UK prices, for now

Price increase is delayed for two weeks.

Buy now, or hope that the pound rebounds soon.

Tesla Model S goes about 14 miles beyond 'empty'

Most of the extra distance was at freeway speeds.

What are electric fumes, exactly?

Hackers 'mind-control' a Tesla Model S

UC Berkeley researchers create telepathic Tesla in 36 hours.

Think, and it moves.

In the sales race, should Tesla Model S be counted as a full-size sedan?

Numbers don't lie, but they can be categorized in various ways.

In today's episode, the Tesla Model S gets a bit closer to the BMW 5 Series.

Looks like the LAPD is interested in the Tesla Model S after all

The LAPD is moving forward with the Model S as a police vehicle.

The LAPD is looking for a quicker electric car with more range. The Model S definitely fits the bill.

Tesla Model S is the best-selling US luxury sedan, by a wide margin

EV-maker lengthens lead over Mercedes, BMW.

Electric sedan 3Q US sales confirmed at 9,156 units.

Tesla Model S now officially the longest-range zero-emission vehicle

Tesla has longer range, but Toyota Mirai goes the furthest in a day.

But the Toyota Mirai claims victory with the longest all-electric drive in 24 hours.

Tesla fire in France was caused by bad electrical connection

No one was hurt in Tesla Model S blaze, which destroyed the car in five minutes.

Tesla says robots usually do the job, but the Model S 90D in question was an exception.

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Tesla Model S P100D Makes History | Autoblog Minute

The ludicrously fast Tesla Model S just got more ludicrous. The Model S P100D with Ludicrous mode has a 0-60mph time of 2.5 seconds, and it's the first EV to top 300 miles of range.

Tire Rack gives us another hint of Tesla's 100-kWh battery

Tire Rack says it sells 91 tire models that can fit a the larger-battery Tesla.

Not sure why Tire Rack would've gotten a preview, but, well, here we are.

Tesla, Mobileye will end Autopilot technology collaboration

Mobileye will offer Tesla support but will redirect towards BMW.

Tesla and Israel-based tech firm Mobileye will discontinue partnership on developing Autopilot-related software.

Tesla increases limit with new buyer-referral program

EV fans can earn Tesla rewards through mid-October with new referral deal.

Every Tesla you help sell gets you one chance closer to a free Model X.

Tesla ends Resale Value Guarantee program

Things changed July 1.

Tesla's Resale Value Guarantee program ended July 1, 2016. The program gave customers a buyback price for their new Model S after 36 months.

Musk: Tesla won't disable Autopilot despite investigation

Tesla CEO says Autopilot will remain active in cars so equipped despite a current investigation by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration.

Elon Musk playing defense after fatal Tesla Autopilot crash [UPDATE]

As usual, Tesla CEO takes to Twitter to speak out.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is defending the Autopilot software as details of a fatal May 7 crash come out, especially in light of Tesla's May 18 stock sale.

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