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UK electric truck maker Modec to cease operations

Electric commercial truck maker Modec is to cease trading after administrator Zolfo Cooper failed in its attempts to locate a suitable buyer for the UK-based firm. Last month, Modec announced that it was suffering from "severe cashflow difficulties" an

Liberty Electric Cars looking to rescue Modec

Concerned by news that UK-based electric commercial truck maker Modec fell into administration, Barry Shrier, chief executive officer of Liberty Electric Cars, has committed "significant resources" in an attempt to rescue the ailing automaker. Last Monday, Shrier said:

FedEx Express will use Modec electric vans in London, sticks with hybrids in US

FedEx Express will start using ten Modec all-electric trucks in its UK fleet. If your packages happen to be delivered by these zero-tailpipe-emission vehicles, you won't mistake the truck (above) for an older, dirtier van. Just look at that sloped windshield. This model, which FedEx will use the ten vans in and around London, can go up to 70 miles per charge. UKMail also uses Modec vans in Lon

UPS orders a dozen Modec electric vans for UK and German fleets

Energy costs are play a huge part in the potential profitability of package delivery companies like UPS, DHL and FedEx. That's why all these companies are experimenting with alternative drive vehicles to conduct business. Here in the U.S., UPS has been testing hydraulic hybrid vehicles while over in the UK, the company known for its brown vans is going electric. UPS has just ordered 12 electric vans from Sam Abuelsamid

Green-Car-Guide comes alive in Liverpool next week

When the UK's Green-Car-Guide got started in late 2006, the site's stated goal was to "end motorists' confusion about green cars." Well, considering everything that's happened in the last 18 months, I doubt everyone concerns have been fully addressed, but at least there's more information out there to let people figure out what vehicle might be right for them. If you'd like still more informatio

UKMail starts trials of Modec electric delivery van

The latest company to start trials of the Modec battery-powered delivery van is UKMail. UKMail is a division of Business Post Group and they are operating the Modec van in west London within the congestion zone. The electric van has a number of potential advantages. Along with the obvious emissions advantage (as in no direct emissions) electric vehicles are exempt from paying the congestion charge, and they don't have to pay road taxes. The Modec is capable of carrying two tonnes up to 100 miles

EVS23: Up close and personal with the Modec, the all-electric delivery truck

Well, here's at least one neat vehicle that Europeans currently have that Americans will soon be able to buy: the Modec all-electric truck. You might be familiar with the Modec from our previous posts (see below) but the short story is that this is a delivery van specifically designed for modern city parcel delivery. You can see in the photo above and in the gall

Modec to start EV van exports to the Continent

The all-electric Modec compact delivery van, known for being the choice model for British supermarkets Tesco, has been shown to prospective buyers in Amsterdam (in a left-hand version) during the Dutch Road Transport Exhibition. Modec has just opened a new office in the Netherlands and the first